10 reasons to use wage portage to work in IT

If you want to start freelancing in the IT field, wage portage can be a good option. It is a form of work with many advantages.

10 reasons to use wage portage to work in IT
10 reasons to use wage portage to work in IT

Here are 10 reasons to use wage portage to work in IT.

Ensure a regular monthly income

The employee carried receives a minimum gross monthly salary (at least €2). the IT wage portage also makes it possible to collect an income even during the periods of intermissions. This is thanks to the financial reserve which is constituted from the income of the consultant.

Better manage your income

Using wage portage to work in IT also makes it possible to to handle better his income. The fact of being remunerated per month gives the possibility of managing one's funds more efficiently. For a long-term mission, this is a good way to control expenses throughout the period of the service.

Maintain social security

Thanks to wage portage, you can get into IT consulting without losing your social advantages. You benefit from the social protection of an employee and civil liability coverage. You contribute for unemployment and retirement in addition to benefiting from company mutual insurance.

Get rid of administrative formalities

The umbrella company takes care of most of the paperwork. Therefore, as an IT consultant, you only take care of the operational part. You don't have to do any billing, collection or tax reporting.

Don't risk your assets

Entrepreneurship is a risky adventure, and some forms of company engage your responsibility in case of loss. On the other hand, within the framework of the portage in the field of data processing, you do not risk your inheritance. You are less exposed to fiscal constraints including.

Free choice of contract details

As a computer scientist engaged with a portage company, you negotiate yourself your contracts. You can carry out your mission under a CDD or a CDI. Depending on your workload, you can have a full-time or part-time contract.

Have easier access to bank credit

Having a steady income gives you a better chance of getting a Bank loan. Financial institutions are more willing to support you when your salary is used as collateral. This is why wage portage is better suited if you plan to apply for credit.

Build your own clientele

The IT consultant is free to choose companies with which he wishes to work. The umbrella company is not responsible for negotiating contracts. It is up to the hired employee to negotiate the price and the conditions for carrying out the mission.

Take advantage of the right to training

Wage portage gives right to training. It is essential in the field of IT to upgrade. In addition, the umbrella company can offer the employee modules to adapt his profile to his career plan.

Benefit from the portage company's network

The integration of a portage company makes it possible to join its network of consultants. This can be beneficial for getting recommendations for example. It is a great asset for your image.

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