10 reasons to go see the Paris International Fair in 2021

A huge show that will be the opportunity to get your nose out of your home after this terrible scourge that is the coronavirus!

Despite the terrible cases caused by the coronavirus, the Paris international fair still stands! This time, it will be in July that we meet at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center for the 116th edition, with an overloaded program as usual. Exhibitors from all over France will welcome you on site for more than thirteen days, an excellent way to start the summer as it should! Too overwhelmed by the fallout from the coronavirus, you hesitate to take a tour, if only for half a day? Here are 10 reasons that will help you change your mind for sure and book a time to go see the Paris International Fair this year!

10 reasons to go see the Paris International Fair in 2020

To honor traditions

The Paris International Fair has been taking place at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center for more than a century. The first edition saw the light of day in 1904 and over the years has welcomed thousands, even millions of visitors. Impossible to ignore this time, despite the extremely heavy toll left by the coronavirus in France. A European country fully affected by the pandemic, France is gradually recovering from its wounds and we can already see a glimmer of hope in the face of deconfinement and the announcement of the maintenance of the fair. All the more reason to honor this cult event in the country, and to take a good breath of fresh air after these few months of confinement.

To benefit from professional advice

Among the exhibitors who will be found at the fair, professionals focused in various fields will be at the rendezvous. Do you have a dozen or so questions that remain unanswered in the area of ​​interior design, gastronomy, culture and more? The Paris International Fair 2020 edition is quite simply “The place to be” to start the summer smoothly! Tips, good plans and workshops are to be included in your planning for the day (or days why not?) Of your visit to Versailles.

To meet experts (and sometimes small screen stars)

Last year, we had the immense privilege of counting among the pros, this dear Stéphane Plaza. He is qualified as a house ambassador and remains known on the small screen as a specialist in real estate thanks to his cult shows (notably Apartment hunters and House for sale). It is with great pleasure that the latter devoted 3 days of the fair to give practical ideas and advice for the development as well as in the context of the purchase and sale of real estate.

In addition to our in-house expert, other well-known names came to participate in the event and to share their invaluable know-how with visitors. In some stands, we met familiar faces such as the great journalist Carole Tolila, the inspiring decorator Sophie Ferjani and the cordon-bleu of Top Chef known as Alexia Duchêne. We must believe that this 2020 edition has many more surprises in store for the public in order to take up the challenge of last year ... For this reason alone, the Paris international fair is really worth the detour!

To discover the innovations

The international fair of Paris puts a point of honor on the innovations and the inventions. This is also one of the main objectives advocated by the organizers; a goal of putting inventions on a pedestal. Which entrepreneur will be able to take up the challenge this year and win the competitions specially designed to animate the fair? Of course, as with each edition, the new nuggets will not be harmed, because their ideas are always rewarded as well. Once again, there is no question of missing the presentation of these innovations and of being the first consumers (users).

Paris International Fair, 116th editions

To discover the trends

Are you planning to renovate your home? Are you looking for new equipment for your home? Are you looking for a good dose of inspiration to revisit the dishes and menu of your restaurant? For all your projects in diverse sectors, the Paris International Fair 2020 will keep you cool so that you are up to date with trends. We mentioned the workshops a little earlier to benefit from professional advice. But the international fair of Paris 2020 will also bring together the displays, accessories and trendy equipment that you need to carry out and make your project a reality.

To offer a moment of relaxation to children

The Paris International Fair is not only the favorite cultural and commercial event for adults, but also for young people. The 2020 edition will be no exception to the rule, although the virus has partially attacked the little ones. They deserve a moment of relaxation and fun after being locked between the four walls of your house, so much so that the organizers have concocted little wonders for them. If we were more used to the activities related to Easter, this edition will be more focused on the small playful pleasures of the summer. Indeed, the organizers have thought of the smallest details and will ensure that young children start the summer with energy and good humor. On the program, plan for your toddlers, some activities, interactive games and of course a variety of sports activities.

To fill your stomach

The Paris International Fair is also the meeting place for fine gourmets and gourmets. We might as well say it with the most suitable terms: it is certainly not for nothing that well-known names in the field like Alexia Duchêne have devoted themselves entirely to the fair over time. Prepare yourself, because the tastings will be more consistent and tasty than before. Moreover, it turns out that we can already hope to leave with a full stomach, with new gastronomic ideas in mind.

To go out and spend time with your family

See you at the gates of Versailles this July!
See you at the gates of Versailles this July!

These few months behind closed doors have allowed you to spend time with your loved ones, although the urge to stick your nose outside has not let you go for a second. Most families will say the same, given the lack of air and the need for activity that each may have felt. This international fair in Paris 2020 will be in a way the way to find yourself in a much more favorable setting than your living room or your dining room, in complete safety thanks to a security company that will take care of the well-kept of this national event.

It will be all the more time to make up for those few lost months by having fun with the little ones and by recreating contact with the outside world.

To stock up on new equipment and accessories

It is out of the question to leave the Paris international fair empty-handed! In view of the articles and products intended for the general public that can be found there, you will certainly need to do some shopping. To summarize in a completely different way the international fair of Paris, they say that it is the place where we fill up with “Everything for the house”. The concepts born from the event bring together thousands of brands for the occasion, which will allow you to stock up on shopping (for your personal needs), gastronomy and habitat.

To do like everyone else

The Paris International Fair receives up to 500 visitors each year and this year, the organizers are aiming higher. This success, they owe in part to social networks on which you have certainly seen the number of people who have already confirmed their presence skyrocket. If everyone's going, then why can't you? Obviously, it takes more to cancel an event of this magnitude and to see the number of visitors reduce considerably!

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