10 reasons to walk to work

Most of our days at the office are the same: sitting behind a screen, we tend to stay inactive. Getting around on the stairs instead of taking the elevator, going to see a colleague rather than calling him, going for a walk between noon and two… How about setting up new habits? Here are 10 good reasons to walk to work!

10 reasons to walk to work
10 reasons to walk to work

Say no to a sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is defined as the fact of remaining seated for the majority of the day. And that is precisely what most employees do during their work week. However, you should know that physical inactivity can cause serious health problems.

Physical activity accessible to all

Overweight, age, chronic pain… It is sometimes difficult to find a sport that suits your profile. Walking is one of the rare sports practices that adapts to everyone, without unwanted effects. Provided wearing comfortable sneakers !

Take care of your health at any time of the day

You don't have time to do sport during the week ? Between days at 100 per hour, household chores and professional life, finding time to exercise seems complicated. By walking more at work, you take care of your health without even realizing it.

Release endorphins

Walking is a natural stress reliever. The proof: a few minutes of brisk walking a day has the power to boost our endorphins and drive away negative emotions.

Strengthen team spirit

Going for a walk with colleagues allows you to dialogue better and create a better working environment.

6) Relieve back pain

By staying in an office chair all day, active workers can develop pain (sciatica, neck problem, poor blood circulation, etc.). Combined with a workstation adapted to your position, moving is an excellent way to improve your well-being.

Beneficial effects on our brain ...

Regular walking has been shown to slow the degeneration of brain tissue.

… And on our faculties!

Our memory and concentration capacities are thereby optimized.

Burn calories

Daily walking helps maintain a stable weight.

Reinforce creativity

Have you already tried the walk and talk? This concept consists of speaking, thinking and exchanging as in a classic work meeting, but outside. The fact of being active, outside the usual framework, allows to free the exchanges and to boost creativity.

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