10 reasons to watch Arcane

The Arcane series produced by Netflix and directly inspired by the game League of Legends caused a lot of talk when it was released. But why is that? We give you 10 reasons for the success of Arcane!

A vast universe

The universe of Arcane is built around that of the League of Legends video game, in a specific region of this world where the city of Pilltover and the District of Zaun live in duality. Mixing science fiction and fantasy, the series offers us a completely new universe full of flavors!

Does not require knowledge of the LoL game

Inspired by the world of the League of Legends game, it is however quite possible to watch Arcane without having ever played the video game. Apart from a few winks that can make fans of the game smile, the plot and the characters are quite understandable by someone ignorant of the game.

A captivating plot

Arcane offers us a story full of different plots that have a connection between it. Featuring emotion, twists, action, the series has everything to captivate us!

Fascinating characters

Arcane has the gift of offering us characters all as interesting as each other. All have a particular motivation and a different point of view on the world, which is not necessarily right or wrong. We can especially mention the protagonists, who are the two sisters Vi and Powder (known as Jinx), whose ambiguous bond serves as the keystone of the series. Around them gravitate equally fascinating characters, such as Jayce, Ekko, Caitlyn or even Viktor.

Impressive animation

One of the strengths of Arcane is indeed its animation. The drawings are beautiful and bring the characters to life. Not to mention the play of light, the choreography for the fight scenes or even the background decorations: there is nothing to complain about!

Epic action scenes

Arcane is strong in its action scenes. The staging of the fights is reflected through original choreography coupled with captivating music, creating a breathtaking, and above all, epic mix.

A fabulous soundtrack

Throughout the series, music in the pop rock style accompanies us, and it is not to displease us, since they are insane. We can also make an honorable mention to Imagine Dragons and JID for having offered us the fantastic credits "Enemy". The group notably makes an appearance in the animated series, singing the title in a bar in Zaun.

Produced by a French studio

The studio that made Arcane is called Fortiche Production, known for having already made promotional clips for League of Legends. The opportunity to mention it, given that it does not often happen that a quality French animated creation shines internationally.

A way to discover the LoL game

The League of Legends game, which has reached 100 million active players, has not finished hearing about it thanks to Arcane. The series, which introduces many champions of the game like Jinx, Vi, Jayce or even Viktor in animation, can make the most keen to start playing video games, and they will be right!

A second season to come

Given the success of Arcane, Netflix has renewed Arcane for a second season. It is also rumored that there may be other plans for series like Arcane, inspired by League of Legends lore to come.