10 reasons to watch Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is considered the series of the decade by many people. But why is that? Here we give you 10 reasons to watch the Game of Thrones series.

An exciting plot

The Game of Thrones series is a direct adaptation of the eponymous books by Georges RR Martin. The series transports us to a medieval world where power games, conspiracies and betrayal reign, but also love and war.

A touch of fantasy

Game of Thrones is a realistic medieval series that does, however, include quite subtle elements of fantasy that grow in scale as the season progresses. At first, we hear simple stories and rumors of ghosts, men who change faces or even dragons, until these finally come to fruition. A plus for fantasy fans!

Incredible characters

The series is one of the few to have so many key characters, all of whom have a more or less key role in the plot. We follow the story of several characters like Daenerys or Jon Snow, who then intertwine. What we like about the series is that the characters are all well written and complex.

The generic is fabulous

Who has never listened even once to the credits of Game of Thrones? Produced by the Elastic studio, it changes with each episode and presents the places that are visited during the episode in a form of clockwork. As for the music, it is simply captivating.

Spectacular battles

Game of Thrones is renowned for its perfectly executed battle scenes. Whether it's the context, the choreography, the music, the special effects or the acting: everything is perfect, there's nothing to complain about. It feels like following a real battle, and the more the series advances in the plot, the more spectacular they are!

Many twists

With Game of Thrones, you never know what to expect. The situation of the characters can change from one episode to another because of a triggering element such as a betrayal, a conflict or simply a thoughtlessness. There's always suspense about who's going to die or who's going to act what way!

Sublime decorations

Most of Game of Thrones' out-of-studio scenes are filmed in Iceland as well as Ireland. The sets fit perfectly with the medieval atmosphere of the series. The opportunity also to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the volcanic island.

 Cult replicas

The series is known for having its share of cult lines, which you have surely heard even without having seen it. The famous motto "Winter is coming" from the Starks or even the "You know nothing Jon Snow" from Ygrid to Jon still reside in the minds of many fans of the series.

Devoted fans

The final season of Game of Thrones reached an all-time audience record, having been followed by nearly 17 million viewers, including 11 million live. We can therefore say that Game of Thrones fans are indeed devoted to the series.

A spin-off approaching

Admittedly, the Game of Thrones series has been over for almost 2 years now. But soon, a spin-off called "House of the Dragon" will be released on HBO and OCS platforms, and will talk about part of the history of the Targaryens in a period before the plot of GoT. What to say that even if we finish the series, we will always have something to eat!