10 reasons to watch Glee

Series too often criticized, it is nonetheless an excellent series. Here are 10 good reasons to watch Glee, even in 2022!

Impressive musical covers

A major asset of the series, Glee revolves mainly around the cover of emblematic musical titles. The actors being experienced singers, are not content to reproduce the songs identically, but they reinterpret them. We then find a capella pieces, mashups or even jazz and rock versions of famous titles. Some covers are even better than the original version!

Exceptional choreographies

If singing is one of the strengths of the series, dancing also has its share of importance. Each episode has the right to at least one choreography from McKinsey students, which are all for the best worked and very well adapted to the theme of the music. In addition, the incredible Heather Morris (Brittany) and the talented Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) are amazing dancers who always add something extra to the choreographies.

A talented cast

The actors in the series are amazing. In addition to being excellent actors who know how to play all situations, including the absurd, they also have other artistic talents. All are outstanding singers, including Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. There are also incredible dancers, like Heather Morris!

heroes like us

Unlike many series, the protagonists of Glee do not have an ideal physique and a character that everyone dreams of. On the contrary, they are very realistic, with their flaws, but which makes them all the more human and endearing.

A series without the fuss

Conveying good humor constantly, Glee is a series that allows you to have a good time without worrying.

A series that deals with serious subjects

Far from being a simple entertainment series, Glee is a series made to denounce and educate on many sensitive subjects such as homosexuality, racism, handicaps and others. These are subjects that are rarely covered in the series, and therefore that they are highlighted is a very good initiative!

Offbeat humor

Glee has a knack for creating totally offbeat situations, putting characters in ridiculous thoughts and dialogue. Often linked to romantic relationships, the characters often go far in their delirium, which tends to make us die of laughter.

many guests

A large number of guests are present throughout the show, and reveal their hidden talents. Gwyneth Paltrow, known for having played in Seven, shares with us, for example, her gifts in singing and dancing. Many other actors like Neil Patrick Harris, but also singers like Britney Spears, were able to appear in the series!

Episodes dedicated to artists

Some so-called “special” episodes are entirely devoted to a particular artist. We were able to have the right, for example, to Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna or even the Beatles. What to review the discography of these monuments of the song in the Glee way!

Doesn't require our full attention

Who says no headache, also says less concentration. It is entirely possible to properly watch Glee and understand the series while doing something on the side, such as cleaning, cooking, etc. Watching the series is therefore not necessarily a waste of time but an accompaniment in your daily tasks!