10 reasons to watch horse racing

Where does horse racing come from? It all started in Antiquity with the Greeks and Romans who were big fans of chariot racing.

Over time, this discipline has evolved and the first equestrian championships have officially emerged thanks to the military. But it was in Paris that this sporting discipline propelled itself to the modern Olympic Games.

Although horse races are recognized as major prestigious social events, they provide entertainment for all. Whether you are passionate about horses, professional player or simply curious, you will be won over by the atmosphere that reigns there as well as by the beauty and grace of these horses.

10 reasons to watch horse racing
10 reasons to watch horse racing

Discover without delay the 10 reasons to go to see horse races!


Seeing the complicity between the rider and his mount, the power, the ardor and the fragility of the animal will fill all horse enthusiasts with happiness.


You can certainly watch horse racing on television, but what better than to go directly to the racecourse, where all the excitement is happening live? Live the present moment with the crowd that vibrates around you. And to have even more fun, try horse racing betting and feel all the excitement from start to finish!

The atmosphere

Festive, electric, grandiose; three words that perfectly define the atmosphere of the races. When the crowd goes wild to cheer on their favourite, the excitement around the track there is unbelievable. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

The Champions

Discover the real athletes of these races: the horses! Unlike other sports, you will have the chance to have close contact with them and the opportunity to meet them at the stable.

The horses that participate in the races are real athletes and train for months in order to be selected. Their faithful jockey must also train rigorously, learn to control and direct their mount during races, analyze their behavior and create a unique bond in order to be in perfect symbiosis during the race.

The beauty of the frame

Horse racing rhymes with elegance and sophistication. In addition to the grace of the horses, you will be able to see the spectators dressed in their most beautiful costume and their large, colorful and eccentric hats. Surrounded by greenery, some racecourses offer an enchanting setting with gardens and furnished terraces.

Guess the winner

When you attend a horse race, you are also watching a show in which there is bound to be a winner. Play the game and try, for fun, to guess who will win the trophy. From start to finish, feel all the tension, silence and an explosion of chills as you watch your favorite win!

Diverse activities

Real racing fan? Challenge your loved ones to accompany you, because horse races are also convivial events and offer many fun activities (green spaces for picnics, introduction to horse riding for all ages, small pony rides and more Again). Enjoy a beautiful festive day with friends or family while watching your favorite sport.


If you like to learn and discover new things, horse racing is for you. Discover and learn more about the different running styles (galloping, trotting, obstacles). You will also have the opportunity to see how the jockey takes care of the horses and participate in the task.

10 reasons to watch horse racing
10 reasons to watch horse racing


Several major horse racing events are organized on specific dates each year. So plan a few days off and enjoya little trip !

A unique experience

Horse racing will give you a great experience. In addition, you will have the incredible chance to meet the athletes of these events, the horses and their jockey.

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