10 reasons to watch Sex Education

As we patiently await the release of season 4 of this series, here are 10 reasons to watch Sex Education for those who haven't gotten into it yet!

An inclusive series

In Sex Education, all sexual orientations are covered. We find characters of all sexualities, even the most minority ones such as asexuality, which makes it possible to further democratize this subject as well as to allow people to identify with the characters.

A guilt-free discourse on sexuality

The advantage of Sex Education is that it allows you to feel guilty through scenes that show the problems that everyone can face on this subject. First times that don't go as planned, lonely, complex problems... all topics on sexuality are covered!

An intergenerational series

The good thing about Sex Education is that it's not just a teen series. In addition to addressing many issues that teens may face, it also highlights many concerns that adults face in their lives, including lyrics. Enough to allow everyone of all ages to be able to identify with the characters of the series.

An inspiration from the 80s

The series is timeless, we do not really know when the events take place. In view of some clues, such as cell phones and other cultural references, we can guess that the plot is happening in our time. However, production elements such as the choice of character outfits, music, etc. give the impression that the protagonists live in the 80s. Enough to create a nostalgic effect while remaining in the era of time!

An excellent cast

Sex Education offers us a cast full of nuggets. We find actors already known to have played in famous films, such as Asa Butterfield (Miss Peregrine, Nanny Mcphee) who plays Otis, or Gillian Anderson (Hannibal) who plays her sexologist mother, Jean. Other actors, less well-known from the start, however, make a strong impression for their acting. This is the case of Ncuti Gatwa who embodies the young Eric or Emma Mackey in the role of Maeve Wiley.

No taboos

The series does not beat around the bush when it tackles so-called “sensitive” subjects and hits the nail on the head. The facts are named as they are, which helps to avoid confusion among the public.

A lot of humor

Humor, Sex Education is not lacking. Many are the hilarious scenes that can be found during the seasons made. Whether it's ridiculous staging of characters, or dialogues to make us laugh out loud, Sex Education has a strong touch of comedy that does not disappoint.

Numerous references

Like many Netflix productions, Sex Education makes many cinematic references to classics. Something to please the most cinephiles among us. We can note for example the multitude of references to Mean Girls.

A preventive series

Sex Education is not just fiction. This series is also a way to inform and warn people about delicate subjects in everyday life, or which are very little discussed, such as sexuality, diversity, etc. In particular, it informs about the risks and benefits of sex, the danger of pornography, inclusion….

The Little Sex Education Handbook

When Season 2 was released, Netflix released an informative manual on many of the sex-related topics and other issues covered in the series. A way to allow people to learn more!