10 reasons to watch Stranger Things

Netflix's iconic series since its first season released in 2016, its final season is coming soon. The opportunity for us to give you 10 good reasons to watch Stranger Things.

A throwback to the 80s

The series has the gift of making us travel in the period of the 80s. A little nostalgia for those who lived it and the opportunity to discover this period for those born in the 2000s. In Stranger Things, find fashion denim jackets, arcade games or rebellious haircuts, like that of Steve Harrington.

Lots of pop culture references

In addition to being a compendium of references to the 80s, Stranger Things also makes many cinematic and pop culture references. Movie fan? Feel free to watch the series to notice the many references slipped in throughout the series. ET, The Goonies, Alien or Ghost Busters: here is a simple overview of the multitude of refs present in the series.

An insane soundtrack

Who says cinematographic references to the 80s, says musical references. Stranger Things takes us serenely into classics of the time such as Should I stay or should I go by The Clash, or Waiting for a girl like you by Foreigner. It's always nice to listen to sounds like this again, and if you've never heard them, now's your chance!

A good grasp of the supernatural

As its name suggests, it's a series in which strange things happen, even very strange. In the city of Hawkins supernatural events take place which the protagonists will quickly face and which are at the heart of the plot. Mysterious disappearance of Will Byers, demogorgons, young girl with superpowers… the series has its touch of the supernatural without going overboard: everything we love!

A successful casting

Whether on the side of children or adults, Stranger Things has been able to create good characters to which the actors correspond perfectly. The children are endearing and their personalities, all different, complement each other and come together on their passion for games and geek content, but also around the main plot and the character of Eleven. The older ones are just as interesting and do not appear as secondary characters who have come to support the young people but as individuals who also have their own plots and their essential role in the series. We particularly welcome the performances of Wynona Ryder as Joyce Byers and David Harbor who plays Sheriff Jim Hopper.

Without forgetting the performance of Millie Bobby Brown

Only 14 years old when she started her role as Eleven in the series, Millie Bobby Brown is a real source of inspiration. She embodies her role to perfection, to which we quickly become attached, and which makes us arouse emotions thanks to her impressive acting.

A little chills

Fans of horror movies or not, you'll love Stranger Things. The series introduces a reassuring and intriguing atmosphere without constantly scaring its viewers, making viewing unbearable. Just enough to make us shiver for a few seconds!

Already cult scenes and lines

What we like when we watch a series is to remember cult lines or remember scenes that caught our guts. Well that, Stranger Things is not lacking! Whether it's the scene of the garlands, the annual school ball, Halloween night or even the return of Eleven in season 2, Stranger Things delights us in terms of cult scenes. Without forgetting the lines of the characters like the "I'm leaving you, big sucker" from Eleven in season 3.

Watch quickly

With Stranger Things and the Netflix format, the extended series of around twenty episodes per season in which nothing happens ends. The first three seasons are made up of less than 8 episodes lasting a maximum of 50 minutes, enough to make the series in just a few days for the most determined.

The final season is coming soon

Season 4 of the flagship series arrives on our small screens on May 27 and will be broadcast as always on Netflix. All the more reason to watch the first three seasons now so you can jump on the hype train at the right time and be up to date when the final season comes out!