10 reasons to (re)watch the series Friends

Friends ended almost twenty years ago, yet it continues to boast thousands of fans and viewers today. Here we give you 10 reasons why you have to watch the series Friends!

Endless humor

True to its title of sitcom, Friends is a series that has the gift of making us laugh with each episode that we watch. A simple humor, certainly, but very effective. Comedies of repetition, situations, and misunderstandings are omnipresent to take away at least a smile from us, to see us burst out laughing!

Endearing characters

Friends owes its success mainly to its characters, all as endearing as each other. Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Monica (Courteney Cox), Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) all have different but complementary personalities that one can only love them.

A cool vibe

Watching Friends is bound to be in a good mood and in a relaxed mood. Quite simply because the atmosphere of the series means that when you watch it, you simply feel like the seventh member of the group of friends.

A timeless series

Yet dating from more than twenty years ago, Friends still surprises with its modernism. Despite the era, the series tackled sensitive and complex subjects at the time such as homosexuality, the concept of surrogate mothers or even adoption. Even if on certain subjects it could have aged slightly badly, Friends is nonetheless a series ahead of its time.

An iconic generic

We have all heard it at least once, the famous “I'll be there for you…”. The credits of Friends, composed by Allee Willis, are still present in our heads even after so many years! And of course, without forgetting the famous scene of the credits where the main actors dance in the fountain.

life lessons

Each episode of Friends is written in such a way that it contains a moral and serves as a life lesson for both the characters and the audience. They can be frivolous or amusing lessons, as well as lessons on much more serious subjects, which make us ask ourselves questions.

Exceptional guests

Friends has a series of exceptional guests, most of whom were still unknown at the time, who made appearances in one or more episodes. This is the case for example of Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis or Winona Ryder.

Doesn't require our full attention

It is quite possible to properly watch Friends and understand the series while not being totally focused in front of an episode. We can therefore follow the series while cleaning, cooking, etc. Watching Friends is therefore not necessarily a waste of time but an accompaniment in your daily tasks!

A long series

Friends is a series that has spanned almost ten years. It has 10 seasons and no less than 236 episodes! Something to take care of for a long time.

Cult references

Even those who have never seen a single episode of Friends know the series' cult references, there are so many. Whether it's Janice's "Oh my God" or Monica's "I know", without forgetting of course the famous "We were on a break" written by our dear Ross. Nothing better than watching the series to grasp the true meaning of all these expressions!