10 reasons to watch the Umbrella Academy series

With season 3 of the Umbrella Academy series coming out in less than two months to celebrate summer, here are 10 good reasons to start this series!

An original context

We can at first glance that Netflix sells us yet another series of basic superheroes whose objective is to save the world. But apart from the action and fight scenes, which are still very present, the series highlights the story of a family drama built around all these stories of superpowers and others. It is therefore a psychologically deep series!

A well-crafted plot

The main plot is about the return of Five, who has traveled back in time and comes to announce an impending apocalypse. The heroes will then try to prevent the apocalypse. But the plot is not only about that, and will also focus on the personal development of each character, as well as the mysteries that encompass the series such as the death of Reginald Hargeeves, the heroes' superpowers, etc. One thing is certain: Umbrella Academy is a series rich in material in which you will not be bored!

fake superheroes

So yes, they have superpowers, they are a group with a classy name… but they are far from being the Avengers. Umbrella Academy totally deconstructs the codes that build superhero series and movies by highlighting people who, despite their superpowers, are full of flaws and have a normal life or a full of problems. We quickly notice that the characters are not necessarily masters of their powers and are not united as they should be. The relationship of the characters and the mastery of their gifts is also one of the most interesting developments of the series.

A captivating soundtrack

One of the main strengths of Umbrella Academy is its soundtrack. From classical music to rock while passing through pop of the 60s and 80s, the series takes us on a journey in time as well as musically. Each sound is adapted to ideally transport us to the scene associated with it. We are then quickly taken by the piano loop of Nina Simone during a shooting scene, or by the melody of Freddie Mercury's voice during an action and combat sequence.

Well-placed humor

A far cry from the pervasive (and sometimes overly heavy) humor of Marvel superhero movies, Umbrella Academy has its own subtle touches of humor. Whether through situation or character comedy, the series will make you laugh several times during your viewing. One of the most remarkable points of humor in the series is indeed the character of Klaus, the junkie brother who stands out for his extravagance and his disinhibition making him funny in many of his interactions.

Well written characters

Umbrella Academy owes part of its success to the writing of its characters. It is one of the rare series that manages to develop the psychology of its characters so much while advancing quickly in the plot. We can see characters with many faults, whether they are aggressive, egocentric, capricious or too shy, the series also shows us the reasons for their characters and their traumas. For this reason, we quickly get attached to the characters and we put ourselves in their place.

A series inspired by comics

If you are a fan of comics and more specifically comics, Umbrella Academy is the ideal series for you. From the comics of the same name, written by Gerard Way and drawn by Gabriel Bà. The series is strongly inspired by comics, but we can find differences, whether in the new characters or the turn of the plot. It may therefore be interesting to watch the series and read the comics to see what these differences are and compare the two works.

Five's character

If we must congratulate the performance of one of the actors in the series, it is in particular that of Aidan Gallagher. Still a teenager, the young actor gives us a performance worthy of the name by perfectly embodying his role as a grandfather stuck in the body of a teenager. His haughty tone and his sarcasm make the character of Five both adorable and detestable. He is the keystone of the series, being the one who announces the arrival of the Apocalypse and trying by all means to avoid it.

Only two seasons so far

Umbrella Academy is a recent series that first aired in 2019. For this reason, the series currently only has two seasons of 10 episodes that are 40-60 minutes maximum. So it changes series to the number of endless seasons and episodes. The series can be watched easily and quickly!

Soon a third season

Season 3 of the flagship series arrives on our small screens on June 22 and will be broadcast as always on Netflix. All the more reason to watch the first two seasons now so you can jump on the hype train at the right time and be up to date when season 3 comes out!