10 reasons to write a wedding invitation

When the decision to prepare for the most beautiful day of his life is shared, then come the preparations for the wedding. Notifying the people who will be invited to this once-in-a-lifetime event with an announcement will then be a 1er moment of intense joy. But what do you need to put in to compose a quality announcement?

10 reasons to write a wedding invitation
10 reasons to write a wedding invitation

Wedding invitation: the 10 ways to create a quality invitation

The announcement is the crucial element of the wedding to surprise your guests who will share such a beautiful event and surround the bride and groom with joy. This invitation should include a number of essential elements for everything to go well.

Details that may seem minimal, but which may be important in the organization of the wedding. Here are 10 ways to make a quality slice:

  • The surnames - first names of the future bride and groom: obvious elements, but which must not be forgotten to know by whom the future guests are invited.
  • The date of the ceremony: the sooner the better so that everyone can make arrangements and block this checked date.
  • The time of the ceremony: also essential not to arrive late at the wedding and disorganize it.
  • The place where the ceremony will take place, the reception, the evening: because if the places differ, it is better to mention it black on white.
  • The contact details of one or more people in contact: for any additional information or possible concern on the d-day.
  • The deadline for the answer: nothing more unpleasant than waiting for latecomers for the caterer and all the logistics...
  • The theme of marriage: not everyone necessarily does it, but it is important to write it down if this were the case.
  • The dresscode: so that people can take the time to find the clothes / decoration that they like.
  • What the bride and groom want: wedding list, kitty, association will be according to the desires of the bride and groom.

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Visuals: personalize your announcement to better appropriate it

An announcement must correspond to its image: indeed, an announcement must be in the image of the bride and groom in order to appropriate it. If this was not the case or if there was any doubt, it could well demonstrate that it would not be suitable for lovebirds. There are many themes to create a theme suitable for each couple.

Country theme, nature, animal, musical, artistic, dried flowers, bohemian, in the form of a cocotte, message to convey, in relief, photo booth, photo novel, poem: some examples that can make you want to stand out with the announcement .

Of course, there are a large number of different visuals in each theme concerned: which leaves (with the personalization system) an almost unlimited quantity to write a quality wedding invitation. So many ways to positively surprise your guests while having fun.