10 reasons you should quit smoking

Anyone who is considering quitting smoking has many reasons to do so. Smokers have to deal with the effects of nicotine addiction and know how difficult it can be to quit smoking.

10 reasons you should quit smoking
10 reasons you should quit smoking

There is also the cost associated with buying cigarettes and the many health problems that result from excessive tobacco consumption. However, if you're ready to change your life for good, here are 5 reasons why you should quit smoking:

Improve your health

Cigarettes contain over 7 chemicals and at least 000 of them are known to cause cancer. Not only does smoking increase the risk of heart disease, it also increases the risk of stroke, emphysema, asthma, and bronchitis. Smoking can also lead to infertility in women, erectile dysfunction in men, and periodontal disease.

By quitting smoking now, you will be able to enjoy many more years of life that you would otherwise lose. People who smoke and get lung cancer usually die within a year or two of diagnosis, while those who don't get lung cancer typically live five to ten years longer. The decision to quit smoking from the age of 40 reduces the risk of death from tobacco-related illness by 90%.

Stop for your family

Nicotine is the most addictive substance in cigarettes. It has been compared to heroin, cocaine, alcohol and caffeine, as these are all four potentially deadly substances that people can become addicted to. People who smoke generally continue to smoke not for pleasure or taste, but because they are addicted.

You may not smoke around your children, but second-hand smoke that lingers on your clothes or hair can be dangerous. You may no longer smoke at home, but you are putting your loved ones at risk for cardiovascular disease or lung cancer. If you truly love someone and want them to be healthy and happy, quitting smoking will be beneficial for all of you. Remind yourself every day how much you love your family and friends, so overcome the urges and stay true to your decision!

Save (a lot) of money

The price of cigarettes has gone up and up and that is not going to change. As any smoker who has ever tried to quit knows, it's almost impossible to go through the day without a cigarette (or two, or three or twenty) and it can really strain your budget. If you stop smoking, you won't have to worry about paying over $ 1 a year for cigarettes. You can do a simple calculation: number of packs of cigarettes you smoke per day x 000 x price of the pack = how much you spend each year.

The unpleasant smell of tobacco

When smokers stop smoking, the odor may linger, as the odor can permanently permeate certain materials. After a while, all this smell will go away after you stop smoking.

Keep in mind that your car, if you smoke / smoked in it, may take a while to cool off, as fabrics are like walls which turn yellow over time.

Keep your home and car as airy as possible when you quit smoking.

Take back control of your life

Quitting smoking helps people feel like they're in control of their lives again. People become addicted to cigarettes and smoking begins to take control of their lives. Once they regain control, they feel free from their addiction and no longer have to worry about going through tough times or entering a place where smoking is allowed because they don't. no longer have this irresistible urge that prompts them to light a cigarette.

Moreover, with the advent of electronic cigarettes, many smokers have replaced their habit with a new one. If you are currently thinking about taking the plunge, Vaporesso brand electronic cigarettes are a sure bet.

Yellow teeth

You can go to great lengths to keep your teeth white, but after a while (and a lot of cigarettes) they won't be as white or shiny as they used to be. If you smoke a lot, it can even permanently discolor them. The chemicals in cigarettes are very harsh on your teeth. They can cause yellowing, cracking, and general degradation of the appearance of your mouth. When you stop smoking, your dentist will be very happy with you because you are improving your dental health.

Improve your skin

The smell of cigarette smoke can cling to clothes, skin, hair, and even your breath. Cigarettes contain chemicals that are absorbed into the body by smoking or through secondhand smoke. Smoking limits blood flow to vital organs such as skin and muscles. This means that they are not getting enough nutrients for healthy growth and repair. When you quit smoking, your skin will appreciate the lack of chemicals and feel refreshed.

Sense of accomplishment

Quitting smoking is a great accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself for making this decision. It takes a lot of courage to say no to something that has been an integral part of your life. After you quit smoking, try to reward yourself with:

  • A new book or a new magazine.
  • Make time for yourself on the weekends.
  • Organize an evening with friends.
  • Start a healthy diet.

Improve your social life and your confidence level

Smoking is not only bad for your health, it can also interfere with social relationships. You may start to avoid friends or family members who don't smoke because you can't smoke around them. When you decide to quit smoking, you become healthier in many ways so that you will have more energy and confidence after you quit. This makes it much easier to spend time with friends or family if they don't smoke.

Get back to sport

People who smoke often have a lower activity level than non-smokers because cigarettes tend to suppress appetite. People who quit smoking are likely to notice that their appetite is on the rise. This means that they are more likely to eat more food, which can cause them to gain weight. One way to combat this phenomenon is to become more physically active. This will increase your calorie burning rate and help you lose weight faster.

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