The most beautiful woman in France according to science

We always wanted to know who was the most beautiful woman in France. A new scientific discovery seems to confirm that beauty is not subjective, and that there are indeed women who are objectively more beautiful than others.

Who is the most beautiful woman in France?

Who is the most beautiful woman in France? This is Betul yilmazturk : according to one recent study, scientists say they have found the most beautiful woman in France. This woman in question, Betul Yilmazturk, therefore lives in Paris, the charming French capital, located in Île-de-France. How did these scientists decide that she was the most beautiful woman in all of France?

Who is the most beautiful woman in France? Betul Yilmazturk
The most beautiful woman in France: Betul Yilmazturk

The reasons for the beauty of Betul:

A question of face and symmetry

Symmetry is something we might not specifically notice when observing someone. But scientists say we subconsciously find people more attractive when they have more symmetrical characteristics. This is one of the facts of science used to determine that Betul Yilmazturk has an almost perfect face.

In addition to the symmetrical appearance, we can note as a criterion of beauty in this woman:

  • The most beautiful eyes
  • The most beautiful mouth
  • The most beautiful hair
  • The most beautiful cheeks
Matt Damon: facial symmetry and beauty
Matt Damon: facial symmetry and beauty

The above image of Matt Damon shows a more asymmetrical face on the left and transformed into a more symmetrical face on the right. Scientists claim that the 2 photos on the right would be nicer to most people.

The story of the most beautiful woman in France

From a small town in Turkey and a loving family, Betul has humble origins. She now lives in France and studies in a business school in Paris, ISEG.

It was above all curiosity that led her to submit a photo of herself to a competition to find "the most beautiful woman in France". She had to submit a picture of herself without makeup, which is hardly a problem for her as she fully believes in natural beauty.

Betul's boyfriend was the main reason she signed up: he sincerely suggested that she enter the contest.

How did scientists choose a winner?

There were a few ground rules for this contest. No plastic surgery or enhancements of any kind would be permitted for participants. The goal was simply to find the most naturally beautiful woman in France.

The participants were judged on certain specific standards. Studies have indicated that the width of the face from ear to ear should be around 48%. That of Betul Yilmazturk was recorded at 47%. Betul's eye-to-mouth distance is 33,8%, and the perfect scientific standard is 33,5%.

Although some people may think that this contest is all about promoting an arbitrary standard of beauty, Betul believes that the contest was only intended to promote natural beauty in women and encourage them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

“Women shouldn't have to feel like they have to wear makeup. I hope other women in France will look at me and think that, like me, they don't need it,” says Betul. “I am very happy with my appearance and I will never need cosmetic surgery. »

But if in a world obsessed with looks and looks, focusing on natural beauty is a refreshing point of view. Betul from Paris (France) believes that the role models women see on television and in entertainment today encourage 'false' beauty. She hopes to be an example of being yourself and being naturally beautiful.

What do you think ? Did this competition to find the most beautiful woman in France have a noble objective, or was it just a superficial attempt to further promote beauty? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share this story with your family and friends.

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