10 reasons to choose an acoustic panel

Acoustic panels are increasingly popular products with the advent of open space and open rooms. Despite everything, few solutions remain decorative and ecological on the market.

The French company PYT Audio has therefore launched a range to meet these market challenges. This specialist explains everything you need to know about acoustic panels in a dedicated article that we invite you to read.

You will be, thus, more about this product. In particular, it explains in detail how to read the performance of such a product, the elements to be taken into account when purchasing, the ecological aspect and advice on implementation.

10 reasons to choose an acoustic panel
10 reasons to choose an acoustic panel

Today, we will complete this article by focusing on the interests of an acoustic panel.

Reduce reverberation and hubbub

An acoustic panel effectively reduces reverberation and noise.

By positioning itself on your walls or ceiling, it attenuates the echo effect.

Chat easily

Reducing this echo effect makes it easier to chat.

Indeed, we have all known rooms with an important hubbub such as party rooms, nurseries or nightclubs.

In these places, it was very difficult, if not impossible, to communicate.

An acoustic panel will combat this problem.

Promote the well-being of its customers

Whether you are a client or a professional in an establishment open to the public, you know how problematic noise is for your clients.

In restaurants, it has even become a more important reason for dissatisfaction than the service or the quality of the meal.

Take care of your health

A strong reverberation also has an impact on health.

It generates hearing problems and promotes stress.

Acoustic panel
Acoustic panel

Be more productive

Noise also affects our ability to concentrate. In this sense, it strongly influences our productivity.

In particular, a study has shown that an employee would lose, on average, 30 minutes of productivity per day because of noise.

Learn in good conditions

Concentration is also important for learning in good conditions.

Studies on acoustics in schools have been carried out. In particular, they have shown that cognitive performance drops by 66% with background noise.

Respect the law

We have therefore seen that noise is a real social problem.

The public authorities have understood this well by creating laws to take better account of acoustics.

There are therefore thresholds to be respected in several places such as schools or open space.

Optimize the sound of your audio material

Acoustic panels can also be used for recreation.

If you are an audiophile or a music lover, you know how much room acoustics can revolutionize your listening experience.

Record music in good conditions

Acoustics are also important to have good quality sound recordings.

A recording studio will therefore be designed to have good acoustics. In this sense, it will include acoustic panels or foams.

Acoustic panel
Acoustic panel

Build a private cinema

Still within the framework of leisure, an acoustic panel will allow to optimize the immersion in his films.

Private cinema builders therefore take this parameter into account when creating such a place.