10 reasons to think Amber Heard's career is over

Does Amber Heard still have her chances at the movies?

Ex-couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are returning to the limelight after a recording of a phone conversation they had in 2015 is revealed. We can clearly hear Amber Heard making fun of Johnny Depp and revealing that she herself raised her hand on him. Will his career suffer? Here are ten good reasons to believe that yes, Amber Heard is over.

Amber Heard smiling
10 reasons to believe Amber Heard's career is over

From the state of innocent victim to cold manipulator

In 2015, the couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp separated. The beautiful Amber Heard then files a complaint against her ex-husband for domestic violence. Almost everyone believes her, except those close to Johnny (ex-wives, children and friends). During February 2020, a phone conversation revealing the opposite of what she says comes out and everything turns against her. Amber Heard has seen her status change from an innocent woman victim of marital abuse to a merciless manipulator. Hollywood does not appreciate this kind of turnaround and may not look good in any movie.

His fans abandon him

When your fans start to abandon you, your career is almost over. With this audio recording running around the web and also in the courtroom, the star's fans felt betrayed and started to stop following her on social media. It seems that social networks are currently limiting their solidarity with nurses and doctors.

Depp fans blame Amber

Johnny Depp fans as well as many Internet users are currently uniting to boycott the release of Aquaman 2. About 30 people who are in the "Justice for Johnny Depp" movement have already signed a petition to remove Amber Heard in Aquaman. Also, they demand that Disney apologize to Depp and that Hollywood stop choosing Amber in other productions.

Coming out on one's sexuality is far from forgotten

It is true that there have been many celebrities who have had the courage to come out of their closet and flaunt their homosexuality or bisexuality in broad daylight. But Hollywood and especially the spectators are still far from fully digesting all this. The actress herself had a few small concerns when she already publicly revealed her attraction to women and men a few years ago.

A career on stand-by

If we look closely at the filmography of the beautiful actress, we can not really say that she was very successful, unlike the most beautiful woman in Paris. His filmography is not very extensive and may remain on stand-by with recent events.

Hollywood can be very cruel

How many celebrities (actors, singers ...) have not had problems descending into hell with Hollywood? Hollywood can be very cruel to celebrities sometimes and they can end up in the dark. Amber Heard's situation right now is not so rosy, and it could end like this.

Other accusations overwhelm him

The episode of the phone recording barely came out when other damning testimony and accusations also surfaced. The former assistant of the actress accuses the latter of verbal and psychological violence.

Still in full process

The Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp case is not yet closed. It is still in the middle of the procedure and it is not possible to determine when it will unravel. The producers are probably waiting for the verdict of this case before deciding whether or not to continue with the actress. In the meantime, his career remains uncertain.

No new movie on the horizon

Is this already an announcement of the end? Even if we do not have the answer yet, it should be known that the actress has not made any new films since Aquaman 2, a hypothetical answer to the question: is Amber Heard's career over.

Watch out for karma

With the accusations she made against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard more or less destroyed his career. Whether she did it unintentionally or with specific intention, Amber Heard could fall victim to karma and have her actions backfired. The future will tell us more.

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