10 reasons to hire an asbestos removal company

Why use an asbestos removal company?

There was once a mineral by the name of asbestos, which was once freely used in just about any insulation product you could find on the market. Due to its insulating properties and fire resistance capabilities, as well as its very affordable price, the mineral was used in the construction of most buildings in France before the 1970s.

Why use an asbestos removal company?
Why use an asbestos removal company?

However, we began to realize that asbestos could actually do more harm than good. The problem is that when large amounts of asbestos particles are released into the air, they can be inhaled by humans, leading to some pretty serious health problems. Asbestos is still used today, but it is now used in a way that prevents it from spreading through the air.

But just because asbestos is used safely today does not mean that there are not yet dangerous levels of asbestos present in some existing structures. Asbestos could be present in your home, office, or warehouse as you read this.

So, why use an asbestos removal company?

Asbestos kills 100 people a year

Exposure to asbestos kills approximately 100 people a year around the world. Victims die from a number of asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and other forms of cancer.

It is important to note, however, that most cancer deaths are not reported as asbestos-related deaths. This means that there could be even more people dying from asbestos exposure than we realize.

Children are particularly vulnerable to it

If you have children, asbestos removal is doubly important. Studies show that 5-year-olds who are exposed to asbestos for long periods of time are 30 times more likely to develop mesothelioma than 30-year-old adults who are exposed to asbestos for the same length of time.

The main reason may be that children will live longer and therefore have more time to develop the disease. Another possible reason is that children's lungs are not developed to the point that they can withstand inhaling so many toxic particles.

Asbestos can cause cancer

While exposure to asbestos can cause a number of different cancers, the most common cancer caused by asbestos is mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is caused by asbestos particles that get lodged in the lining of the lungs. Once lodged, it kills cells, leaving room for tumors.

Mesothelioma is almost always fatal. While there are treatments that can be done to help combat it, it is an uphill battle. Other forms of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos are lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and gastrointestinal cancer.

Asbestos cause an enlarged heart

Another serious health problem that can be caused by exposure to asbestos is the enlargement of the heart. After years of exposure to asbestos, a human can develop a lung disease called asbestosis.

Asbestosis leads to pulmonary hypertension, which leads to an enlarged right ventricle of the heart. If the right ventricle of the heart becomes too enlarged, it can lead to death.

Your house was built before 1975

From the early 40s to the 70s, asbestos was widely used in residential construction. If you have a house that was built during this time, it may contain asbestos in some places. You may know that asbestos was commonly used in blown attic insulation, but there are many other potential sources of asbestos in an older home, including those that have been renovated several times over the years. seventy. In many cases, these are hidden or forgotten sources of asbestos that can pose a health hazard. Some of these often overlooked residential asbestos sources are:

  • Vinyl flooring
  • Some forms of linoleum
  • Glue that was used on your parquet
  • Duct insulation used in HVAC systems
  • Coating and roofing materials
  • Window caulking and glazing


In 1977, the use of asbestos in textured ceiling paint was banned in the United States. Even if your ceilings have been updated or painted several times since, you may have ceilings in your business that contain some form of asbestos. This is especially true if your old ceilings were simply covered with a new one. Just because the old asbestos-containing ceiling is out of sight doesn't mean that fibers and harmful particles don't end up in your ducts and in the air breathed by anyone in your home or business.

Removing asbestos oneself involves risks

Whether you've recently spotted signs of asbestos or are planning a major renovation of your home, there are many reasons why you should remove asbestos. But doing the job yourself can present additional risks, such as unintentional exposure to hazardous fibers and the accidental spread of asbestos particles.

Industry professionals have the equipment and skills to safely remove asbestos from anywhere in your home.

For example, hire a asbestos removal company approved in Paris to safely remove asbestos from your building. Contact Asteck, today!

Asbestos removal yourself is not always allowed

There are several types of asbestos, and it is not legal to remove the most dangerous of them yourself. It depends on the municipality where the property to be removed is located, and it is often necessary to request prior authorization. Indeed, improperly carried out asbestos removal could also affect the health of your neighbors ...

Asbestos removal professionals are specially trained for this

A team responsible for asbestos removal has undergone appropriate training to ensure that they apply the correct removal technique. These professionals know how to contain the material to prevent it from diffusing into the air. They also have the necessary tools to assist with the removal.

Asbestos is easily disturbed, it must be disposed of properly. Hiring professionals can ensure that asbestos will not fall in the wrong places where it could be tampered with. When removing asbestos, it must first be completely sealed to prevent fibers from entering the air. Once it is secure, they then submit it to an asbestos waste facility where workers would facilitate the remaining disposal processes. Professionals know what protocols to follow to ensure asbestos will not cause further damage.

The price is not necessarily high

Managing your asbestos removal yourself can cost you more than leaving it to the professionals. When you decide to do an asbestos removal job, you will still have to pay for the necessary equipment, cleaning fees, hazardous materials inspection, and disposal fees. Whereas when you hire an asbestos removal company, this is all included in the total price.

Asbestos must be removed quickly

Asbestos is easily disturbed, it should also be removed immediately to prevent people from being exposed. The faster it is eliminated, the less danger it presents to the people around.