10 reasons to buy Made in France

Made in France is no longer a minor trend as it was a few years ago, it is today an art of living that more and more French consumers are acclaiming.

Many brands are now flourishing on the Internet and offering decorative items, textile, furniture, household items, food products, leather goods, etc.

While 59% of French people believe that the origin of manufacture of the product participates in its act of purchase, they are nearly 75% to be ready to pay a little more expensive to have a product of better quality and entirely conceived in the same way. 'Hexagon.

10 reasons to buy Made in France
10 reasons to buy Made in France

Here are the 10 reasons that explain this new shift in terms of consumption trend Made in France.

You encourage engagement

Even though manufacturing in France still represents a certain challenge today - the click on Amazon and other Chinese giants seems so simple and without consequences - choosing to buy Made in France means committing yourself to respect a legislation also known for its constraints and serious controls .

Between product safety, respect the environment and the assurance of good working conditions, Made in France here offers guarantees and certifications that can only be applauded and encouraged, right?

Buying French means choosing to consume ethically.

You value know-how

Deciding to buy Made in France products also means highlighting genuine local know-how. It means deciding to showcase passionate craftsmen and manufacturers who have indisputable know-how.

This quite simply makes it possible to preserve and create jobs in France.

You participate in recreating a quality handcrafted fabric around products designed with the love of its activity.

You reduce your ecological footprint

In a time of climate change and growing awareness of the environment, choosing to buy French allows you to take a concrete step to preserve our nature: you drastically reduce your emissions of CO2 linked to greenhouse gases and transport.

A product bought in France will travel, de facto, much less kilometers than a product from China, South America or Singapore.

If we have already started to adopt this reflex with regard to food and luxury products, decoration products and clothing are following this accepted trend.

You give meaning to the way you buy

Today, the way we consume does not necessarily resemble what it could have been just 10 years ago. Internet, social networks, customer reviews but also awareness about our impact on ecology have changed the way we buy.

By consuming Made in France, you are choosing to give real meaning to your act of purchase.

Indeed, by combining this gesture with your words, you spend differently, you buy more ethically, you are convinced that you are helping to change things.

A philosophy that demonstrates that everyone, on their own scale, can make the world of tomorrow a better place.

You show your attachment to common values

With this desire to buy products imagined and made in France, you show that you still have an emotional bond linked to your childhood memories, to those moments that you shared with family or friends. You remember a time when Made in France was far from being an exception.

To buy French, in this sense, is to show a deep attachment to our territory, its colors, its patterns, its peculiarities. It is also discovering an inspiration close to home, right?

You make the choice of quality above all

Almost ¾ of French people believe that buying a product 100% made in France represents a guarantee for a product of quality and durability.

It is an act of gentle consumption with a product that lasts longer, which needs less to be replaced.

It is focusing on quality instead of quantity.

You support workers or independent companies

To deal with the international behemoths in today's markets, the alternative is to buy locally.

As large corporations and large groups continue to crush sole proprietorship, buying with the Made in France makes it possible to put the human being, in this case the French manufacturer, craftsman or designer, back at the heart of the purchasing process.

You are in a united approach and bring human values ​​to the fore.

You respect human rights

In view of the poor working conditions (which turn out to be reprehensible, in particular because of child labor) in developing countries, buy French assures you that the product acquired is manufactured within a regulated legislative framework and that it respects rights. of man.

You commit to a brand

Consuming products made in France also means becoming an actor sensitive to the behavior of companies in France, to their way of working and manufacturing products.

You must then be a true French brand ambassador and participate in promoting its brand image.

You make new discoveries

Why look thousands of kilometers away at what others are doing when we have all the talents in France?

By dint of buying elsewhere, we almost forget that France has wealth, innovative products. This is an opportunity to go back to basics, to (re) discover what is happening near home. You will be able to discover, for example, french clothes like t-shirts, sweatshirts or others french socks !

In conclusion, we understand it now: buying products, whatever they are, from Made in France is an act of active commitment on your part as a citizen for the environment, for the local economy, but also to find this balance necessary for our personal well-being.

Buying French today means showing kindness and showing that we care about tomorrow and the environment.