10 reasons to date a petite girl

The height of short people, especially females, is often made fun of. And yet, short girls turn out to be adorable little creatures. And below are the top ten reasons to date her.

Cute hugs

If there's one very special mark of affection in a relationship, it's hugs. There are some girls who even prefer hugs to kisses. And cuddling a short girl brings a really different feeling. With her petite stature, she's almost tied to you and you hold her by her hips. Cuddling with a short girl is just plain cute. And you can even kiss her on her forehead.

High heels

They are short and wear high heels wonderfully. They even get cuter with it. High heels are pleasantly suitable for short girls. They don't look too big and don't get past you in length when wearing them. There isn't the oversized or giraffe effect that you sometimes see with some tall girls.

Sweet kisses

When a short girl kisses you, she has to stand on her toes and it's just fun to see. What could be more romantic than seeing a small human ball trying to reach your lips? You can even take advantage of your height to tease her a bit.

They don't age quickly

Everyone gets older, but the effect on short people is a little different. According to scientists, skin does not wrinkle quickly when you are small. And short people do not age the same way “normal” people age. Haven't you noticed petite girls who don't look younger than their age and still look irresistible over the years? 

Adorable battles

When the moment arrives where the couple have a few arguments and there are little physical battles, it's just adorable to see the short girls scrambling around with cute little fists. You will certainly not forget those times when you will pretend not to act with all your might to let her win a bit.

They are easy to wear

Unless you are a very beefy guy, those of fairly average build will be delighted to have a "girlfriend". They are easy to wear, especially if they have a slim waist. Is it just romantic to carry your partner whether it is on the wedding day or just when she is tired and you have to bring her back to bed?

They need you

Little women are quite vulnerable in certain situations. They frequently need your help with certain tasks around the house. They will not be able to reach a closet, she will call for you instead of taking a chair. In rainy weather, you can easily find shelter under the same umbrella. For all height issues, know that she will always trust you and call on you. This will only strengthen your privacy and you will be his “Superman” of height issues.  

Infinite sex positions

Easy to wear, height difference, does that ring a bell? Sex can become surprising with a short woman, you can try multiple positions taking advantage of her height and if she is too small there are always heels that can make the relationship sexier.

Easy to entertain

When it's the others who are going to tease or criticize her about her height, she will get mad at it. But if it's you, no. You can tease her by, for example, putting her things or the things she needs a little on the top so that she does not reach it. You will be able to play this all the time

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