10 reasons to visit Krakow this summer

A city considered to be the most beautiful in Europe.

Poland is undoubtedly not the most attractive country in Europe, at least in the eyes of the French in any case. No one has ever heard someone say 'I'm going to spend my summer vacation in Poland'. For the few people who have managed to surpass this ugly cliché, they often discover a beautiful country, booming and very dynamic.

Although the capital is considered a beautiful city, Krakow, the third largest city in the country has been named many times as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Today, we give you 10 reasons to go visit Krakow.

A wonderful afternoon at the main square in Krakow

An extraordinary architecture

Krakow is beautiful Poland, traditional Poland with its large squares, very tall and colorful buildings, small cobbled streets, large parks, in short, you will be amazed if you are not used to seeing pink, purple, yellow houses etc.

We eat very well

One of the great advantages of Poland and Krakow is that you eat very well, you will have a lot of international restaurants if you don't like Polish cuisine, but we advise you to try it anyway, the ravioli called "pierogi" have rarely disappointed, even the most refractory.

It is better than in the rest of Poland

Being located in the South of Poland, Krakow suffers less from winds and cold from the North during winter, the climate is much milder there than in cities further north or in Warsaw, wrap up a little anyway, but it won't be terrible, don't worry. So don't forget your sunscreen! If you are motivated, you can even do some sport by the river, nothing like play badminton in the grass next to the boats.

The heritage there is extraordinary

In Krakow you will find one of the very last Jewish quarters still intact, Jewish synagogues and restaurants, you will not be disappointed with this micro-trip in a little-known culture. But the best part is obviously all its churches that you will find approximately every 200m, all colorful and more beautiful than the others.

The advantage of visiting Krakow in summer: the banks of the river

The whole area of ​​the old town is bordered by the Vistula, after a long and tiring day of sightseeing you will have the joy of sitting in the grass by the gentle Vistula, you can even go to eat or have a drink on one of the static river boats, reserved exclusively for connoisseurs who would like to have a drink on the edge of this magical place.

It is very clean

For a large European city, we can assure you that Krakow is a very clean city, no garbage, nothing, it is also a very safe city, Poland is one of the safest countries in the worlds, and of course Krakow is not. no deviation from this reality.

This is unusual

If you live in France it is likely that you are used primarily to the culture of Western Europe, and so it will be a big change for you, the number of churches is impressive, as are their sizes and Their colors, you might have the chance to meet Orthodox priests, to eat in a Russian or Georgian restaurant, in short, it's a big change. You will be surprised in all areas: architecture, religion, and gastronomy.

Auschwitz is not far away

If you are interested in the history and events of WWII this is one more reason to visit Krakow, this is about an hour from the city's former extermination camp Auschwitz, a free tour of the camp is offered as a remembrance duty, a difficult but important destination to do.

It is well served

Going to Krakow is far from a headache, you can get there by plane with many companies including low cost such as Ryanair, EasyJet etc. In addition, once there, you can take one of the many trains that serve the city, to then continue your visit to other cities in Poland, or even to other very nice cities such as Prague or Budapest.

It is cheap

The economic argument is still strong, restaurants under € 10 are legion, taxis and Uber are cheap, accommodation very cheap and plane tickets are also quite low in general, one more reason. to come and take in the sights, you will have change, extraordinary memories and you will not have to go into debt over 5 years, in short, go visit Krakow this summer with your other half, you will not regret.

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