10 reasons to make yourself vomit: how to make yourself vomit?

We have all had the experience of vomiting at least once, and almost everyone would agree that it is one of the worst experiences we have ever had. Despite this, vomiting is a blessing for your body and your immune system. Why ?

Vomiting allows your body to get rid of harmful substances, toxins, and other unhealthy substances that you may have unknowingly ingested. In alternative medicine, vomiting is often considered a solution to cleanse the body.


You don't have to see a doctor every time you vomit if it happens every now and then. Having random episodes of vomiting is harmless, and while it is terribly uncomfortable, it leaves you feeling much better and lighter immediately afterward.

However, frequent vomiting can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If left untreated, it can lead to dehydration and other complications. If you vomit several times a day for more than 24 hours, you need medical attention. If medical help is not immediately available, remember to drink plenty of fluids as you need to replace the fluids that your body has vomited. It would be wise to consult your doctor or a general practitioner as soon as possible, especially if you also experience chest and / or stomach pain.

Why do we vomit?

How to make yourself vomit?

The most common reasons adults vomit are:

Medical conditions

Pregnancy, dizziness, migraines, movement and seasickness, etc.


Eating too much, especially sugary or fatty foods, consuming too much alcohol or even smoking too much, especially cannabis.

Allergies or reactions

A reaction to the ingestion of harmful substances or toxins. It can also be a reflex reaction to a foul smell or a foul sight.

Severe pain

Caused by an injury, a medical condition, a medical procedure such as chemotherapy, or even measurement in women. Severe pain triggers the release of a chemical P, which sends a signal to vomit to the brain.

Viruses or bacteria

Like gastroenteritis or stomach flu, food poisoning, etc.

While these are all unintended causes of vomiting, where you have little control over how you act, many doctors or wellness practitioners also encourage voluntary vomiting because of its many health benefits.

Is it healthy to force yourself to vomit?

Abusing voluntary vomiting can certainly cause more harm than good to the body. However, forcing yourself to vomit or vomit on purpose is considered healthy for the body when done wisely.

It is healthy to force yourself to vomit:

  • To get rid of stomach acidity
  • To detoxify the system
  • To repair digestive disorders
  • For traditional Indian yoga involves internal cleansing processes called Kunjal Kriya or Vaman Dhauti, which involve vomiting

However, it is not healthy to induce vomiting to lose weight. Forcing yourself to return your meal should be very occasional. Regular practice can lead to:

  • malnutrition,
  • weakening of the teeth,
  • metabolic disorders,
  • respiratory tract disease,
  • etc.

If you feel the irrepressible need to make yourself vomit in order to lose weight, turn to a health professional or a specialized association.

Before you start to vomit on purpose, ask yourself why you are doing it. If you are planning to force yourself to vomit just to lose weight, it is advisable to see a doctor first. Otherwise, you risk damaging your health. Throwing up can cause serious damage to your body if you overdo it. So, better beware.

10 safe ways to make yourself throw up

How to make yourself vomit?
How to make yourself vomit?

How to make yourself vomit? Here are the 10 ways to safely vomit without causing harm to your body.

Experts advise vomiting only after the end of regular bowel movements. So, here is how you can empty your stomach in the safest way possible.

1. Follow traditional yoga practices

Vaman Dhauti also known as Kunjal Kriya, is an effective practice followed by yoga practitioners. It is detoxification and cleansing of the body, according to traditional Indian yoga, and is generally considered to be safe and extremely beneficial.

Get up early in the morning and cool off. On an empty stomach, drink lukewarm water, preferably saline water. Drink slowly and steadily as much as you can. The more you can drink, the better, but don't push yourself too hard. Once you are done, sit calmly for a while and relax. Concentrate on your breathing. Then wash your hands with soap and gently insert a finger into your mouth. Make sure it touches the roof of the mouth, around the area where your tongue first meets.

Try to do this several times. This will naturally induce a feeling of vomiting followed by vomiting, flushing all toxins out of your body with the vomit, usually of a fluidic nature.

The safest, healthiest way to throw up, indeed! You can practice it twice a week.

2. Drink carbonated water that is low in sugar.

Drink 2 to 3 glasses of unsweetened sparkling water or sparkling water mixed with plain water at one time. This will trigger the sensation of vomiting. It will also detoxify the body and help you get rid of unwanted calories. However, this shouldn't be done more than once a week.

3. Use your toothbrush

You can also use your toothbrush to make yourself vomit. Just try touching the back of your tongue a few times. This will induce the urge to vomit. It is easy and secure.

4. Mustard powder and hot water

Prepare a solution by mixing mustard powder (made from dry mustard seeds to dust) and lukewarm water, and drink it all at once. The pungent smell and taste of the hot drink will make you vomit. Mustard is also known for its ability to protect the body against cold and minor infections.

5. Fenugreek powder and hot water

Mix fenugreek powder with lukewarm water and drink it early in the morning. It detoxifies your entire system and boosts your immunity by fighting off all kinds of infections. If consumed in considerable amounts, it can also make you vomit easily.

6. Baking soda and water

Put baking soda in a glass of water and drink it as fast as you can. The smell of baking soda, when consumed in this manner, will cause a feeling of vomiting. It is a safe and easy way to help you vomit.

7. Unpleasant smells and sights

Another easy way to make yourself vomit is by exposing yourself to unpleasant smells or sights. It could be anything from the smell of milk for some to the smell of unwashed socks for another.

8. Egg whites and hot water

Put a few egg whites in hot enough water. Try to drink it a little or gargle with it. The horrible smell will definitely make you throw up instantly.

9. Thinking about the act of throwing up

If you keep thinking deeply about the very act of throwing up, you will surely end up throwing up in due course. Your mind is so powerful that it can make you do whatever it wants.

10. Imagine you're surrounded by filth

Imagination is a powerful faculty of the human mind. If you close your eyes and really try to imagine you're in a dirty place, you'll definitely be gripped by an urge to vomit in no time!

Vomiting for good health

If you're inclined to practicing the art of throwing up to purge yourself naturally and achieve a healthy body and mind, you can get started. But if you feel an obsessive compulsion to vomit, especially after every meal, it could be a sign of an eating disorder or bulimia.

You should seek medical help and treatment under the supervision of a doctor. Timely medical intervention can put you on the path to good health.


Can I throw up every day?

Vomiting must remain extremely occasional, at the risk of exposing itself to serious consequences. It is advisable to see a doctor if you feel the need to make yourself vomit regularly. You could be suffering from eating disorders. In this case, turn to a health professional or a specialized association.

Should I throw up immediately after a heavy meal?

You should wait at least half an hour to an hour for your body to absorb the necessary nutrients from food.

When is the best time of day to throw up?

Early in the morning after your regular bowel movements.

What should I do if I feel like throwing up after each meal?

Please consult a good doctor or therapist.

Does vomiting make you lose weight?

This is usually the case, unless you are severely bulimic. Please consult a good dietician even if you have the desire to lose weight. And if you are bulimic or have an eating disorder, you need immediate medical attention.

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