10 reasons to learn to tango

A difficult dance but rather sexy!

Tango, a dance of South American origin that was all the rage in the 90s and still part of the extremely rich cultural heritage of South American countries, is one of the most beautiful and challenging dances in the world.

Today, we give you 10 reasons to try the impossible and push your limits: learn to dance the tango!

Two dancers in action


Step into a milonga and the world disappears… you are taken to another era, where orchestras played the powerful and sophisticated rhythms of tango all night long. Tango music is intriguing, beautiful, demanding,… and will take you deeper into your soul than you ever imagined!


Welcome to a new community! Tango dancing is an opportunity to share wonderful dance moments with wonderful people… It is also a great place to meet new people who, after having shared so many lessons, tandas and milongas, become close friends!

The lien

This is our little secret, our specificity, our specialty. No other dance will bring you this feeling… Connection is when the powerful yet delicate alchemy that exists between two dancers takes dancing to another level. Whatever your level or your role in the dance, you are transported to new heights. Like falling in love with your best friend while eating chocolate cookies, that sort of thing. It's the tango hook that makes us want more ...


Have you been feeling a little on the go lately? The Tango will get you back in shape. Dancing the night away in a milonga is the equivalent of a 5 hour mountain hike… with turns and beautiful music included. You will soon learn to use your core muscles for balance and your legs for power and fluidity on the dance floor ...


It's not for nothing that we tango lovers spend so much time in class! Tango is incredibly elegant and we all aim for good posture, fluidity and ease. Translate this into the real world, and you can spot a tango dancer from a great distance. Muscle memory doesn't just work in the classroom, in our daily lives we are straighter, more relaxed and, dare I say it, happier?

Saturday night parties

You can forget about awkward parties at a loud nightclub, not sure what to do with you (yes, we've been there too). We have beautiful milongas throughout the year where you can come to dance, meet friends, drink wine in a relaxed and happy environment.

People watching

I could have called it "the beauty". Sometimes in milongas you just want to sit and watch. There is nothing more beautiful than watching two people dance together and look absolutely connected. Add to that the fact that tango dancing has evolved to make dancers incredibly beautiful, and you will get an idea of ​​why people watching is becoming addictive ...

Leave the world behind

In a world that never stops, tango offers the possibility of taking a moment to let go and be fully present, connected to someone. During a tanda, we focus entirely on the person we dance with, on the music and on our dance. We leave the world behind us, one song at a time. No need for meditation lessons when you're a dancer, you have your tango ...

The best drug

Warning ! Take some tango lessons, start going to milongas, feel the connection, and you'll probably get hooked… but what a beautiful and healthy dance of addiction!


It started as a small community of dancers in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 70th century, evolved, almost died out in the XNUMXs, then gradually returned… today, the tango is danced all over the world. First benefit: wherever you go, you can now plan a tango night on your travels. Second advantage: tango trips! Those you take with friends tangueros in a new place with the main objective of dancing. We told you that we lead a glamorous life….

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