10 reasons to consume Manuka honey

Manuka honey is a product from New Zealand, the only country that can produce it, because this special honey is made from the pollen of a plant endemic to the archipelago. This honey is renowned the world over for its extraordinary therapeutic benefits. These properties come from a molecule present in large quantities in this honey, methylglyoxal or MGO for short.

In this article, we invite you to discover this honey and 10 reasons why it is interesting to consume it.

Honey from Manuka
Honey from Manuka

Manuka honey to strengthen the immune system

Manuka honey has significant antibacterial benefits. It is a very good food for strengthening the immune system. Indeed, in addition to destroying the bad bacteria that cause infections, Manuka honey promotes the development of good bacteria within the intestinal flora.

Indeed, our digestive system is like our second brain and the latter is largely responsible for our immune defenses. It is estimated today that 70% of immune cells are found in the stomach and Manuka honey is one of those foods that strengthen these cells, or rather these bacteria that are essential to our good health.

Benefit from better healing with a Manuka honey dressing

You may not know it, but honey can also be used as a bandage to heal a wound or burn. Thanks to several factors, honey is indeed able to promote healing (osmotic pressure to clean the wound, ideal humidity level for healing, protection against external bacteria). Manuka honey is also used for this purpose and allows healing even better than other honeys because of its antibacterial activity which eliminates any risk of infection. Manuka honey can also be used for sunburn, but since prevention is better than cure, remember to use sunscreen.

Some hospitals are already using it on slightly injured patients. According to the feedback, healing would be faster and cleaner. This use is also possible and effective on animals, some veterinarians have been able to try it successfully on dogs, cats and horses.

Find a restful sleep

Many people suffer from sleep disorders, whether related to stress, poor lifestyle or taking medication. Manuka honey can have a positive impact on the quality of our sleep. According to studies carried out on this subject, Manuka honey releases glycogen, a molecule present in the muscles and the liver which allows energy to be stored. So by consuming Manuka honey before going to bed you will have a better chance of having a good night's sleep.

Using Manuka honey for its antifungal effects

As we told you in the introduction, Manuka honey also has an antifungal effect. As a result, Manuka honey is also used to fight fungal infections and in particular yeast infections, whether on the skin or the nails.

Soothe stomach aches with Manuka honey

One of the most classic uses of manuka honey is the fight against digestive problems. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, Manuka honey can effectively fight gastrointestinal infections and its anti-inflammatory effect is ideal for soothing the burning sensation. Finally, as we mentioned earlier, Manuka honey also helps strengthen your digestive system which can help you avoid repeated heartburn.

Bad stomach
Bad stomach

Manuka honey in cosmetics

Beyond the medical aspect, Manuka honey is also widely used in cosmetics and more particularly for skin care. You can find many recipes for face masks on the internet with Manuka honey. The most common uses are: moisturizing and repairing dry skin, fighting acne, eczema, rosacea problems, etc.

Manuka honey can also be used on the hair, always with the aim of moisturizing it.

Fight a urinary tract infection with Manuka honey

It is also possible to relieve a urinary tract infection with Manuka honey!

Indeed, the powerful antibacterial effect of Manuka honey can be used for this purpose. To do this, it is recommended to dilute Manuka honey in tea, preferably a fairly large amount, namely 1 or 2 liters. This way, you can drink this preparation throughout the day so that the Manuka honey can reach the bladder, which will help eliminate the bacteria causing the infection.

Improve your oral hygiene

One would tend to think that honey is not an ally of oral health since it is a very sweet product. However, Manuka honey is also very beneficial in this area!

Indeed, Manuka honey has been tested for this purpose on a sample of about thirty individuals and the results are final. Manuka honey would reduce the appearance of caries thanks to its antimicrobial activity. In addition, Manuka honey also helps soothe the gums with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Improve your health with a 100% natural remedy

Manuka honey is a 100% natural product. Indeed, unlike many classic honeys that can be found on the market, Manuka honey has the advantage of being produced in remote lands that are spared from intensive agriculture. The plant that originates from Manuka honey, the shrub of the same name, is a wild plant found in the mountains of New Zealand. Tests are carried out to verify the presence of pesticides and the addition of preservatives or additives is strictly prohibited in order to benefit from the designation "Manuka honey".

With Manuka honey you therefore have the assurance of consuming a natural product with proven therapeutic effects. There is also no risk of side effects with Manuka honey, so you can abuse it without risk to your health. There are nevertheless some contraindications, since this honey is not recommended for young children.

Manuka flowers
Manuka flowers

Manuka honey, a product that cannot be lost!

It is well known that honey does not go to waste. This is due to the high concentration of glucose in honey. Manuka honey is therefore no exception!

If you store Manuka honey in proper conditions, i.e. out of direct sunlight and at room temperature in an airtight jar, then you can keep the honey until it is finished. Also, be careful to use clean cutlery so as not to contaminate the honey with another substance.

Although Manuka honey has an expiration date, it is purely indicative in compliance with food standards which requires to indicate a date. On the other hand, you can very well consume honey after the date indicated.