10 reasons to go to Palazzo Fiuggi, luxury medi-spa in Italy

A luxury medi-spa in a historic palace.

Le Fiuggi Palace, a luxury medi-spa, is a historic palace located less than an hour from Rome. as Italy. It offers a set of treatments combining ancestral knowledge with modern medicine.

Due to the effectiveness of its treatments, the medi-spa is one of the best medi-spa in the world. From Ayurveda, to laser therapy, via thalassotherapy, this luxurious hotel presents a wide range of activities dedicated to well-being.

Fiuggi Palace
Palazzo Fiuggi by night

Here are the top 10 reasons (among many others) to go to Palazzo Fiuggi.

The revolutionary treatments of the palace

The Palazzo Fiuggi is a luxurious treatment establishment that offers a different approach to well-being from the classic approach. Indeed, the establishment associates the medical virtues offiuggi water to ancestral traditions and also to the discoveries of modern medicine. These personalized programs give a new dimension to cures for well-being, health and longevity.

Thanks to their approach, the treatments offered by the establishment and carried out by professionals are true rejuvenation therapies. The protocols used are scientifically proven and aim to restore your health and youth by strengthening the immune system.

To achieve this objective, the medi-spa adopts a unique approach and develops a personalized program for each client. Indeed, no two stays at the Palazzo Fiuggi are alike. The program for each host is personalized according to the results of the preliminary examinations and according to their goals.

In addition, each program calls on a set of disciplines including: modern medicine, nutrition, cosmetic care, hostile therapies, alternative medicine, etc.

The six wellness & health programs

The palace presents six major health and wellness retreat programs. These are the programs Complete Life Rewind (longevity), Optimum Weight (detox and slimming), Deep Detox, Full Immuno Boost (medical), Fit & Well (balance), as well as the program Post Covid 19.

  • The objective of the Complete Life Rewind program is to completely regenerate you by purifying your body, mind and soul through stimulating treatments.
  • The Optimal Weight program aims to reshape your body and revamp your mode
    of life, allowing them to reach their ideal weight and maintain it throughout their lives.
  • The Deep Detox program combines the latest scientific studies with the powerful virtues of Fiuggi water, hydrotherapy, and a balanced 3 Michelin star cuisine.
  • The Full Immuno Boost program aims to strengthen your immune system and reduce the effects of aging on your body through various natural therapies, detox treatments, medical consultations and regenerative activities.
  • The Fit & Well program combines fitness classes, indoor and outdoor activities, nature walks, hikes and exploring the countryside surrounding Palazzo Fiuggi.
  • The Post-Covid 19 program rebuilds an effective and resistant immune system following infection with the Covid-19 virus.

Another program that is of particular interest to guests is the program to achieve ideal weight through the relationship between body and mind. This program also eliminates bad toxins and cleanses the body.

Top-of-the-range cuisine

At Palazzo Fiuggi, everything is thought out to make you experience a luxurious and pleasant stay of well-being. To do this, the palace considers nutrition as a real therapy. Reason why, the great starred chef Heinz beck offers balanced and top-of-the-range menus for each meal.

Chef Heinz Beck
Chef Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck has three Michelin stars to his credit, and is recognized worldwide in the field of haute cuisine. In each meal, the chef uses nutrients whose role is to activate the cellular mechanisms capable of fighting against aging.

High tech

The Palazzo Fiuggi offers you its most advanced technologies including MRI, infrared technology to improve the quality of your sleep and retinal scanner.

Apart from these cutting-edge technologies, the establishment also offers an ultra-modern gym as well as various forms of hydrotherapy. All these technologies are at your service to improve your health and well-being during your stay.

A haven of peace in the heart of the Fiuggi springs

The hotel culminates at nearly 700 m above sea level, and benefits from a natural, calm and green setting far from all the industrial agglomerations. It thus benefits from a pure atmosphere rich in oxygen. In addition, it is located in the lands of the Fiuggi springs.

However, it has been scientifically proven that the water from the Fiuggi springs has curative properties since the beginning of the XNUMXth century. Indeed, it cleanses the body of toxins and strengthens the immune system.

The completely renovated historic Palazzo della Fonte

Formerly, the historic palace was called Palazzo della Fonte. It has been converted into a luxury medi-spa while retaining the spirit of the building, but with a more modern and luxurious decoration.

You will find in the heart of the building a rather captivating charm. Worthy of its palace status, the spaces on offer are very large, well decorated and adorned with superb paintings by artists. The furniture has been carefully chosen to combine the old charm of the building with modern trends.


Icaros offers a virtual approach to physical training. The gyroscopic base provides natural resistance and, using a VR headset and joystick, allows you to improve your fitness while having fun.


Studies show that Icaros exercises are more engaging and effective than traditional workouts.

Extraordinary comfort

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Palazzo Fiuggi is the comfort it offers its guests. The materials used during the renovation of the building are of high quality. The bedding is particularly exceptional and the television screens very large.

The bathrooms have high luxury finishes, and some even have basin-shaped bathtubs.

An exceptional medi-spa

Built on 600 m2, the palace has many spaces in which there are Spa facilities, as well as an aesthetic clinic.

Part of the Palazzo Fiuggi spa
Part of the Palazzo Fiuggi spa

Apart from massages and medical treatments, you can relax in 40 treatment cabins. The establishment also offers you the possibility of learning to cook thanks to the cooking school which is established in the hotel.

Since everything is thought out to make your stay as relaxed and pleasant as possible, some nighttime activities are on the program with a superb cinema.

An idyllic setting

Palazzo Fiuggi has set itself the goal of restoring and improving the historic natural park that surrounds the palace, combining history and modernity as always.

Gardens of Palazzo Fiuggi
Gardens of Palazzo Fiuggi

Its gardens have a lot to offer: tranquil forests, an avenue of magnolias that marks the route between the main gate and the palace itself, golf, tennis courts, etc.

In short, Palazzo Fiuggi is a luxury medi-spa that offers an ideal setting and programs adapted to the improvement of well-being and health. Thanks to its programs that combine modern medicine with ancient traditions, a stay in this palace is an excellent way to rejuvenate yourself and strengthen your immune defenses.

Find out more and/or book: https://www.palazzofiuggi.com/

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