10 reasons to take your diesel vehicle to technical control

It is always better to ride safely.

Since the 1er January 1992, the technical control of all motorized vehicles was regulated. From May 2018, changes have taken place and new checkpoints have been put in place. And even the two wheels are in their sights. Even if this verification is a legal obligation, it is by no means the only reason to go through these verifications. There are others that need to be made known to you. Today we list 10 reasons to take your diesel to technical control.

vehicle technical control
10 reasons to carry out the technical control

Impossible to bypass the 130 or so checkpoints

In order to avoid possible road accidents, the State has set up more than 130 checkpoints divided into ten categories. Including steering, braking, mechanical components, visibility, etc. No matter where you are, it is almost impossible to bypass these checkpoints. The solution is then to carry out all the necessary checks to drive with complete peace of mind.

To check the general condition of the vehicle

You don't drive without knowing what condition your vehicle is in. Otherwise, it's like walking forward blindfolded. This is why it is essential to have your car go through technical control. This in order to know the general condition of the car and make the necessary repairs.

To know the identity of the vehicle

Going through a technical control also allows you to know everything about the vehicle. In particular the identity of the owner, the mileage of the vehicle, its date of last check as well as its defects. Without forgetting the deadline for its validation.

For the protection of the environment

The technical control of motor vehicles makes it possible to check them in all these states, including their carbon dioxide emission. This is why it is essential to have your vehicle checked in order to know the opacity of the smoke it emits and thus limit the pollution it causes. One more reason to take your diesel to technical control.

To respect the law

Since the technical control is regulated by articles R. 323-1 to R. 323-26 of the Highway Code, going through this check gives you a positive point. Especially in the eyes of the law, because it allows you to stay within the law.

To avoid all kinds of fines

Failure to comply with the Highway Code entails payment of a fine ranging from 135 to 750 €. This varies depending on the type of ticket: fixed fine or immobilization of the vehicle.

Protects against invalidation of your auto insurance

Insurance contracts make it possible to reimburse a person subscribed, for example, to civil liability. However, the insurer has the right to terminate this contract if it finds that the anomaly has been noted at the technical inspection and has not been resolved.

For the sale of a car

Even in trade, technical control plays an important role. It allows you to contract a sale of a used vehicle if it is more than four years old.

To rule out obsolete vehicles

Technical inspection is also another way to protect the health of the vehicle fleet. This is achieved by scrapping dangerous vehicles.

To better maintain your car

Some maintain their cars on a regular basis while others don't even know if their vehicles need maintenance. One more reason to pass the technical control. So, just as we maintain our own health at playing sports during the summer we maintain our car according to the service book and we ensure its good health.

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