10 reasons why table tennis is the best sport in the world

There are many reasons why table tennis is considered one of the best sports in the world.

10 reasons why table tennis is one of the best sports in the world
10 reasons why table tennis is one of the best sports in the world

Here are 10 advantages related to the practice of table tennis that we invite you to discover to convince you.

Excellent physical exercise

If you are looking to play sports, table tennis is a great physical exercise. You can burn a lot of calories per hour playing ping pong! It is therefore the ideal sport to keep in shape and keep your body toned.

A sport for all

No matter your age or fitness level, you can play table tennis, it's a sport suitable for everyone. It's a great way to stay fit and healthy. It is an easy sport to access but which is also very technical. All types of athletes can therefore enjoy its practice.

A great way to socialize

Table tennis is a great way to socialize. You can play ping pong with your friends, family or even strangers. Indeed, it is not for nothing that we find outdoor table tennis tables, available to everyone in some parks. It's a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Improved your coordination

Table tennis is known to be a great way to improve your coordination as can be read on the site le-pongiste.org. By appealing to your sense of observation and anticipation, it will help you to be more coordinated. It's also a great sport for developing your agility and reflexes.

Improved your concentration

A ping-pong match is won in 3 winning sets and each set is won in 11 points. It is therefore necessary to keep all your calm and concentration for the duration of the confrontation in order to be able to win it. With the practice of table tennis over time, your ability to stay focused will therefore improve over time.

Development of self-confidence

By playing table tennis, you will learn to manage stress and stay calm under pressure. It will help you be more confident in other areas of your life.

A sport that promotes creativity

Table tennis promotes creativity and imagination. With practice against good players, you'll be forced to think quickly and come up with creative solutions to problems that come your way. Reacting quickly and knowing how to adapt your game to the situation will often be key elements of your success. Performing good returns on drop shots, topspin shots can indeed be quite difficult against some players.

It reduces stress

When you play ping pong, you focus on the game and forget about all the other stressful things in life. Like the practice of most sports, players can let off steam in training or in a match in order to experience a feeling of calm at the end of their session.

Improves mental health

Table tennis has been proven to be good for the brain. Indeed, the constant solicitation of the latter to anticipate situations, coordinate his movements to hit the ball at the right time are excellent exercises for his brain. Thus the regular practice of this sport makes it possible to maintain its mental acuity and to stimulate the cerebral cortex greatly.

An inexpensive sport

Finally, unlike many sports, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money if you want to start playing ping-pong. Very often, a suitable outfit, good shoes and a racket will be enough to get you started. A maximum budget of 100€ should largely allow you to equip yourself. If you plan to buy a ping-pong table for the house, on the other hand, it will take several hundred euros.

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