10 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The all new ultra high-end smartphone from Samsung!

The phones of the range Galaxy have always made you crack. However, you have never dared to take the plunge, attached as you are to the brand that saw your transition to smartphones.

And this loyalty, this brand returns it to you. Consistency is a very fine virtue, of course. But if for once, you decide to let your passions speak for themselves by adopting one of the newborns of Samsung, Galaxy s21 ultra ?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Your favorite brand will not get angry. Promise! Do you still have concerns about the merits of this new adventure? Here are 10 good reasons not to miss your chance to have a dazzling experience.

A smartphone suitable for all uses

Equipped with the brand's most powerful processor and supported by at least 12 Gigas of RAM, the Galaxy s21 ultra is suitable for all uses, from the most demanding to the most simplistic. Its elegant and refined curves guarantee you a pleasant grip.

The smallest of tasks becomes, with its 6,8-inch diagonal AMOLED screen, a real pleasure. In addition to exemplary readability, this screen knows how to adapt to its environment so that you are never dazzled in the dark or you have to squint in bright light.

A powerful battery

The South Korean giant has put the small dishes in the big ones to endow this version of its flagship range with a solid autonomy. Deal.

With its 5000mAh battery compatible with fast charging and wireless charging, the Korean flagship only needs about 1 hour to fully recharge.

It is also necessary to take into account its parsimonious management of its precious energy resources, enough to keep you away from the plugs all day long. Finally, a phone you can play League of Legends on without worrying about low battery alerts in the middle of a game.

Impeccable quality of communication

Le Galaxy s21 ultra offers an exceptional quality of communication. No risk of city noise entering your conversation while you are making a phone call to your boss. Finally, as far as possible. What can noise reduction technology do in the face of the piercing sirens of an ambulance passing a stone's throw from where you are?

A tough phone

It's not just the elegance of Galaxy s21 ultra that hits the mark. Robustness is also one of its key arguments. The Gorilla Glass 7 with which it is equipped at the front and at the back protects its screen and its shell from physical shocks. Moreover, this certified telephone IP68 fear neither dips nor dust. With it, you could cross both the Sahara Desert and the Missisipi River with a carefree air.

Say yes to comfort and elegance

Samsung has not skimped on the means to give the Galaxy S21 Ultra a look and elegance that would set it apart from the competition. Its shell, which shows a protruding photo module, immediately catches the eye and gives relief to the back of the phone. The matte glass finish of the back is gentle on both the eyes and the hands to which it provides a satin feel. But that is not the only function of this material. It also prevents there being fingerprints here and there.

Another feature of this pleasant phone is the larger dimension of the fingerprint reader hidden under the screen. This gadget has, in fact, been enlarged by 65% ​​to provide greater comfort than its predecessors. For once, the most imposing fingers also find their shoes, no pun intended.

Enjoy a better browsing experience

This feature is hardly surprising. It is already present on a plethora of high-end smartphones, either. But the point on which Samsung makes the difference is the possibility that it offers to save tandems of applications to open them more quickly.

Interface One UI 3 of this smartphone under Android 11 also gives the advantage of a smoother and more intuitive navigation. One-handed use, navigation by gestures and dark mode are all characteristic elements of the South Korean brand that have not been lacking.

The S Pen stylus, a wide range of uses

For a long time to subscribers absent from the range Galaxy S, S Pen stylus is back in force with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. As you can easily guess, precision is key. The latency of this accessory is 9 milliseconds as it had been on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Not everyone will find it useful, of course. But drawing enthusiasts will undoubtedly find it an ideal companion.

An excellent photophone

The Galaxy S21 Ultra photo renderings are SEN-SA-TION-NELS! On the one hand, we should not be surprised by the resources used. There is a main sensor of 108 megapixels accompanied by 4 others. Two of them (all 10 megapixels) are used for telephoto while another 12 megapixels has an ultra wide-angle function. The last one is a ToF sensor with laser autofocus. On the front, a 40-megapixel sensor for bright selfies.

We could spend hours talking about the quality of his pictures. But that would be missing out on the main novelty of this photophone: its phenomenal zoom capacity. The 2 10 megapixel sensors are each dedicated to a type of zoom. The x3 optical zoom works wonders, of course. But the one that is most convincing is the 10x zoom.

Quality and sharpness are kept at an astounding degree of finesse. The South Korean colossus does not stop there when it comes to photographic resources. It also offers the more daring, the possibility of going on an adventure with the digital zoom x 30 and the digital zoom x 100. Satisfaction guaranteed for geeks.

Make near-professional videos

The Galaxy S21 Ultra takes video to a whole new level. Treat yourself to a kaleidoscope of colors with the 108 megapixel sensor while filming in 8k. After a video made with this flagship of the South Korean giant, you will no longer see the world in the same way. It is a leap into the future that you will have made, 8k is not yet democratized.

Another of the great novelties of the S21 Ultra is the aptly named director mode. In this mode, the user has a preview of the filmed scene via the sensor used while the others offer him a preview. In this way, the user can judge whether a change of lens would do more justice to the framing he has in mind.

No more intruders in your photos

Did a cat just spoil your group photo by appearing in the background? No need to necessarily resume shooting. A simple swipe of the finger will suffice to remove the intruder. You owe this magic wand to another of the great novelties brought by the One UI 3 interface: the '' Object eraser '' feature. Convenient, isn't it?