10 reasons to sleep naked all year round

Better to break free from all imprisonment, so let's take it all out and get naked!

Who has never tried to take off their clothes to feel better at night? Well ! I think everyone has at least tried this method. And you are right, sleeping naked has its advantages that we will be sure to explain to you, we promise! To understand, you only have to read the following reasons.

sleeping naked
10 reasons to sleep naked

For a deep sleep

If you sleep naked, you better respect the sleep cycle. By putting on pajamas or a nightie, the heat tends to rise. On the other hand, the body temperature can drop if one does not wear any clothing which effectively makes it possible to rest more easily and to avoid insomnia.

To keep his youth ... eternal

No, Jack Sparrow is not the only person to have discovered the secret of eternal youth. Recently, it was discovered that sleeping naked slows down aging. This is explained by the rapidity of renewal of epidermal cells. A regeneration caused by the freedom of the body without clothing. That is, when he breathes better.

To boost libido

Sleeping naked also has a positive effect on a couple's sex life. Not only does it consolidate the couple, but at the same time, it boosts the libido. The sensations thus increase the couple's sexual desires. Try and you will see!

To fight diabetes

Sleeping naked helps lower body temperature. To do this, our body must dig into our sugar reserves. This intuition increases the effectiveness of insulin and promotes the fight against diabetes.

To decrease stress

To sleep naked is to free yourself from all stress. As previously stated, nudity lowers body temperature, resulting in decreased secretion of cortisol. A hormone responsible for waking up at night and for stress.

To detoxify

When we sleep naked, we let our skin breathe more. Thus, we avoid night sweating and the overproduction of sebum, we also get rid of toxins accumulated throughout the day, especially in summer. All it takes is a good shower and presto! In bed !

To avoid dieting

As we always say: "whoever sleeps dines". Apparently, we should rather say "who sleeps naked dines". You know, when we sleep naked, we burn more calories in order to keep our body temperature constant. And the decrease in the emission of cortisol also contributes to the elimination of unnecessary calories. Which removes this feeling of satiety, so the snacking ends.

To protect the planet

It's hard to believe that sleeping naked is good for the environment. While it is a fact and it is scientifically proven. Normally, when we spend our nights without clothes, we have less dirty laundry. As a result, we do less laundry and reduce our water and energy consumption. We then reduce our carbon footprint in an original way.

To sleep well

Sheets, pajamas, etc. sometimes pose threats to our sleep. They are real instruments of torture, especially when they start to wind you up like a sausage. So in order to avoid this torture, sleep only with Adam's outfit. It's better this way, I tell you!

For health

Here, we are talking about you girls. So to avoid all infections linked to the multiplication of bacteria, we recommend that you spend your nights without underwear or anything. Let your private parts breathe. Monsieur could also benefit from it.

But before you go to sleep and rest quietly, do not forget to pass the new technical control to avoid the € 135,00 fines on the road to your pretty house!

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