10 reasons to consider spring break the best

The extreme cold is over, and it's time for the beautiful spring days to spend the best vacation of your life!

Spring has always been considered the time to seriously prepare for summer vacation. Everyone then makes sure that everything is in place to leave the premises calmly once the month of July begins. What if, for a change, the holidays took place in the spring? What if it was in fact the right time to vacation? After all, you will have four to five long winter months to prepare for it! While the summer sun and beach are extremely mouth-watering, here are 10 great reasons to consider Spring Break the best. Now is the time to pack your bags and take care of the final details. Head for spring break!

Spring is the beauty of the landscapes and nature above all!

Because we finally have a pleasant temperature

There is certainly no need to step outside or drive a few kilometers to the south of France to know that spring heralds a favorable climate. Goodbye to the morning breeze and the freezing winter evenings. Farewell to the snow-covered landscape which looked gray when we wanted to get some fresh air and change the horizon. Likewise, remember that it is not yet the time for the heatwave and the intoxicating heat of summer. No sunburns in sight nor heavy rains to lighten the weather. In short, spring is the perfect time to get out and breathe a big breath of fresh air! Are you a member?

Spring is the perfect time to go on vacation

Because it's the low season

With restaurants crowded, playgrounds flooded with people and hotels running out of space in summer, spring heralds a new era. For their part, tourists and vacationers who have chosen to travel in winter put their suitcases in the closet in spring! So you can be sure that you will have all the recreation centers and streets all to yourself, especially since the prices will be more affordable in the market.

With a low season, it is clear that restaurant and hotel services will not necessarily be in top form. Still, looking at things on the bright side, you can fully enjoy the surroundings. What if, to celebrate the beautiful days and the rays of the sun that are starting to appear, you treat yourself to a little spa session and a cup of ice cream? Better yet, spring break rhymes with sunbathing by the sea and reading novels while basking in the swimming pools of the large hotel centers in the area.

Because it's the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature

As the snow begins to melt in early April and the buds bloom, nature is preparing to be there by half of the month. Believe it or not, botanists and florists aren't the only ones who enjoy this spectacle that Mother Nature has to offer! Just by stepping out into your garden, you will smell this pleasant smell of plants and flowers. But this moment of pleasure has only just begun, because strolling through the streets and fields, the visual spectacle is even better. Nature is waking up, and so are you ... Wear bare feet or better yet, walk barefoot on the cool lawn to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

Because we organize the Easter egg hunt

Who says spring, says holidays and the first one which promises to be strong in emotions on your calendar is none other than Easter! Certainly, children love Christmas, gingerbread contests, garlands, barley sugar, snowballs, the visit of this dear bearded man who will deposit the gifts under the tree. But we will have to wait several more months to relive the moment. In the meantime, spring doesn't just leave them hungry, since Easter is also children's day. Chocolate egg hunt, boxes of chocolate bells, bunnies and chickens, family meals… What more could you ask for in the middle of the year? In fact, the schoolchildren can't wait to get together on Easter vacation for the occasion, so make way for the festivities!

Because restaurants are finally opening their terrace

Meet on the terrace for an aperitif this spring!

Until a few months ago, everyone was forced to cram between the walls of restaurants so as not to catch a cold. While the feel of the roaring fire and the indoor grilled camping and marshmallows were nothing short of ordinary, nothing beats an outdoor brunch. Once spring rolls around, everyone starts planning picnics, barbecue afternoons and outdoor parties. As for you, if you do not have an outdoor space spacious enough to accommodate your loved ones, nothing prevents you from going to the restaurant. In this case, the advantage would be to enjoy a delicious dish on the terrace. A carafe of seasonal juice, rare lamb skewers, sautéed vegetables with spices and a parasol and you're done!

Because the days are getting longer

The winter days seemed shorter and there was hardly any time to see the time go by. On the other hand, the transition to spring promises longer days. Rest assured, you are not the only one to have made the observation and everyone clearly has this impression during the change of season. Even if it means believing that this theory is really well founded, you might as well take advantage of it and make sure to achieve as many things as possible before the sun goes down! From spring cleaning to gardening, not to mention walks in the meadow and outings with friends, your program will certainly be busy during the spring holidays.

Because seasonal fruits are coming back again

Hello spring, and hello fresh fruit!

The majority complained about the quality of imported food in winter, which is not surprising, since nothing beats the flavor of local food. Freshly picked and distributed in the country's largest markets, seasonal fruits and vegetables are back in the spring. So now is the time to get out your shopping bags and shop around the shelves where ripe and colorful fruit (especially) is waiting for you. This spring, do not hesitate to rebalance food and stock up on vitamins with exotic fruits and the variety of vegetables available. Bananas, kiwis, mangoes, avocados on one side, and asparagus, peas and radishes on the other. One thing is certain, your shopping heralds the start of a long line of delicious homemade salads for a few months!

Because we can resume our favorite activities

Biking, hiking and swimming enthusiasts have felt sorry for themselves since November, so they are impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. Despite all the benefits it has in store, was winter not as conducive to your favorite activities? This is an opportunity to get back on your feet during those few days off that you gave yourself during spring break. On the program, scuba diving, horseback riding, sailing and kayaking, a few lengths in the pool and more!

Because we can finally dress in fashion

The colors of spring are not only found in trees and nature! Once the gray skies give way to the sun's rays, it's definitely a good time to put winter clothes aside. No more mittens, hats, scarves and down jackets! All that layer of clothes will quickly end up in the closet in the spring, while light dresses and Bermuda shorts come out. When it comes to shoes, everyone will find something to wear tropéziennes and slides, just to put their feet in the sun. No one is in danger of catching a cold or a cold, and no one is in danger of being frozen.

In addition to light clothes, being fashionable also means ensuring that your decoration is on top of the trend! Take out your garden furniture and floral interior decorations. It's time to breathe new life into your home by opting for cheerful colors and accessories.

Because spring announces several holidays

In addition to the Easter feast, spring also comes with a few public holidays for the enjoyment of young and old. The month of May alone has a handful of nonworking days, if only to name Labor Day (hopefully it doesn't fall on the weekend), and Pentecost. These few days give you plenty of time to take a long weekend for a getaway outside the region, or even outside the country. Of course, nothing prevents you from staying at home, if you are particularly a fan of late mornings and days on the sofa to watch a whole list of films.

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