10 reasons to subscribe to a specific mutual

If you are a student, part of your health expenses will be reimbursed by Social Security. However, if you do not want to pay the rest on your own, you can entrust this to a mutual insurance company. Subscribing to specific student health insurance gives you the opportunity to take advantage of several advantages. Here are ten.

Protection in the event of an accident, on and off campus

The student mutual allows a student to benefit from protection in the event of accident and illness. By scrutinizing comparison sites such as Ferrets, you are likely to find the insurance offer that best suits your needs. Indeed, the mutual often includes the different types of insurance below which help it to cope with the vagaries of life.

THEliability insurance is essential to be able to carry out an internship or any paid professional activity. Among the best-known mutuals, we find the organizations of the EmeVia network (SMEBA, SMENO, MEP, etc.) and the MGEL (general mutual insurance company for students).

THEhousing insurance (MAE, MAAF, MATMUT, etc.) reimburses the owner in the event of an accident, in this case water damage. It is especially essential to be able to rent an apartment or live in a city U.

La Complementary Health covers almost all medical expenses. It also covers medical expenses incurred during a stay abroad as part of an internship or studies.

Access to mental health services

In 2019, La Mutuelle des Étudiants (LMDE) conducted a survey on the health of students in France. This revealed that 67% of them suffered from depression during the day and 54% had no taste for anything. Indeed, discouragement, great nervousness, sadness and moral dejection were observed among the students. This did not get better with the health context, because 31% of them had symptoms of psychological distress. This rate is eleven points higher than that presented in the previous survey dating from 2016.

By taking out specific health insurance, you will have access to mental health services that can help you improve your psychological well-being. This is essential so that you can begin or continue your learning with positivity and serenity. For example, the LMDE and the SMENO offer to reimburse psychology consultation fees in the form of a flat rate.

No exclusion for pre-existing conditions

Student health insurance generally excludes pre-existing pathologies on the date of subscription. Thus, we advise you to check this parameter carefully when choosing your specific mutual insurance company. If you are studying abroad, this coverage depends on whether or not there is an agreement between France and the host country.

The ability to choose your doctor

If a student decides to treat an illness with a non-contracted alternative medicine specialist, he will not be reimbursed by Social Security. Now some Additional services were created by mutuals to make life easier for students. The personalized mutual insurance company SMENO, for example, offers supplementary health insurance covering the costs of sophrology, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, etc.

A renewable healthcare plan each year

A healthcare plan is an insurance technique for arranging a certain amount of payments in advance. This is intended to provide discounted coverage for certain medical needs. This plan can vary and include things like coverage limits and lifetime caps. Be sure to choose a specific mutual offering the option to renew your healthcare plan every year. Thus, you will benefit from various guarantees that are constantly changing with your state of health and your needs.

student mutual choice

Coverage applicable upon subscription

In addition to the level of guarantees, also pay attention to the effective date of the coverage of the mutual. A student is generally considered a profile rarely having health problems, except in exceptional cases for those with chronic pathologies. However, subscribing to mutual insurance allows you to benefit from this coverage as soon as you register, which consists in protecting you as soon as possible.

Affordable health insurance

The price of student mutual insurance varies according to the insurance company and the level of guarantees chosen. According to a comparison of mutuals, the cheapest price observed in October 2021 is € 17 / month. This corresponds to the contribution of an 18-year-old person in a student scheme who benefits from minimum coverage.

Also in this survey, we saw that CCMO Mutuelle, for example, offers a monthly contribution of €19 for a student in the Paris region. Ociane Matmut, Cocoon and M comme Mutuelle suggest a price of €20/month, compared to €23/month for Miltis. You find that these rates are affordable, and best of all, they can be tailored to your care needs dental, hospitalization, etc.

Global health coverage

When you go to study abroad, we recommend that you contact your health insurance fund in order to properly prepare for your stay. Fortunately, most student mutuals offer social protection all over the world. For example, LMDE offers cover abroad thanks to its LMDE Zen and LMDE Essentiel formulas. MGEL suggests the formula “Yvon Assur'Santé Internationale” and HEYME, “World pass”.

A wide range of plans adapted to your needs

Health care can be distinguished into two categories: those required and those not required by the patient's state of health. In the last category, we find, among other things, tattoos and cosmetic surgeries. As for the first category, there is hospitalization, medication, accommodation, blood tests, cosmetic surgeries necessary following a burn, etc. The various health care plans offered by student mutuals give you the opportunity to choose a formula that is perfectly suited to all your needs.

An insurance contract that does not include the parents

Until you were 18, you were considered to be entitled to your parents (or one of them) with regard to Social Security. However, you can now benefit from your own affiliation to health insurance thanks to student mutual insurance. You have the option to stay attached to your parents' health insurance, but this is only valid until you are 26 years old.

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