10 reasons to want to have a child

For many, it's the happiest day of their lives!

This is a question that many couples ask themselves, why should we have a child, is it the right time, is it the right choice? Today we're going to why having a baby is possibly the most beautiful thing you can do. Here are 10 reasons to want a child.

A child with his father sharing a magical moment

start a family

People who have been raised in a positive family environment with a stable family want to create that life with their loved one. They want to create a family full of joy and love where they can be affectionate towards their children. Essentially, they placed a high priority on creating a family of their own, like their parents before them.

Carry the name and values ​​of the family

There are many people who want to perpetuate the family name and family values. Of course, this usually applies to the father's last name, but the point is that many potential parents want to continue the historical lineage of the family. They are happy to know that their child will carry their last name and continue to support the family. Again, all of this revolves around societal customs.

You like babies and young children

The idea of ​​being around babies and toddlers may turn off some people, but others love the idea of ​​raising a small child from birth to adulthood. These people may want to relive the silly and fun times of their childhood with their child.

It's human nature

The point is, biology is an area in which we are able to procreate and pass our genes on to the next generation. This biological imperative and motivation is strong in many people, who feel the need to have and raise children.

Giving and receiving unconditional love

There is a certain type of bond between parent and child that is incredibly powerful. The unconditional love that a parent has for their offspring and vice versa is a source of motivation for some. They want to feel these strong emotions and share them with their loved one and their children.

Allow his children to know the joy of existing

The idea of ​​bringing another human being into the world and the joy of seeing them go through life is another powerful reason couples want to have a child. Parents want to see their child grow up and become a productive member of society.

Give meaning to your life

Although it may seem obvious to some, having a child completely changes your life, and gives new meaning to your life. After having a child, you take responsibility for its life and, as a result, your existence takes on a whole new meaning.

To give life

Many people love the idea of ​​being able to create and raise a child, with whom they can share their love. This concept is attractive because it allows you to determine how your child will develop and what his values ​​will be. Couples can find this type of experience exciting and rewarding.

Fix your mistakes

Not everyone grows up in a stable family environment with good parents. Many people grow up with parents who have serious flaws and therefore decide that when they become parents they won't make the same mistakes.

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