10 reasons to do archery

A sport out of the ordinary that you should take a closer look at.

Playing sports is a very important habit in many ways. First, your physical health improves and you decrease the risk of triggering chronic or muscle diseases. Depending on the skill worked, the skills developed during your sport may prove useful in the future. After having stated the benefits of playing sports, we are going to tell you about one sport in particular: archery. Today we give you 10 reasons to do archery.

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It's funny

Archery, we've all done it one way or another, whether it's safe in video games or in its simplified version with darts, it's easy to see that practicing aiming at a target and trying to get as close as possible to it is a very pleasant thing. Pétanque is based on the same principle although it is totally different in the set-up.

It is class

Doing archery is super classy, ​​I must admit. Do you know a single character who used to fight with a bow who wasn't badass? No, all the skillful characters of their arrow are charismatic, so you can think of yourself as Legolas by going to sports after work.

It's not very physical

If you have back problems, you will see that archery is a rather "affordable" sport, we are far from the dangers of skiing: no sudden movements or frantic races, just patience and precision. . However, if you are sick, do not hesitate to see a doctor regularly.

It lets off steam

You can always put the head of your worst enemy in the middle of the target, you will be all the more motivated and your workout will turn into a session of revenge and relaxation on your sworn enemies.

Little material

No shoes that wear out, snowshoes that break, trinkets to buy, you need a bow and a few reusable arrows. With this you will be ready to practice your favorite sport for a long time, no need to buy equipment every 3 months.

It's original

You have to admit, archery is a pretty original sport and it works in your favor, it is always interesting to have differential attributes, originality is a pretty sought after character trait, and doing this guy sports probably makes you more interesting than someone playing soccer.

It develops your concentration

Archery is a great way to boost your ability to concentrate and increase your patience, you will also have better eyesight and increased accuracy, all of which are very useful in everyday life.

You will know how to hunt

It may sound weird, but for hunting enthusiasts, it is legally possible to hunt with a bow, just like the old fashioned way. If hunting is one of your passions then this is one more reason to take up archery, you can combine two of your main hobbies.

Useful in the event of an apocalypse

If a zombie wave were to fall on the Earth, having done archery is a strong argument: you will be able to outsmart death by killing your opponents from afar while having the charisma and class of an archer. , a winning combo for a successful end of the world.

You can host evenings

Making it proud on your children's birthday or playing with the bow on a boozy night out, you can easily become the center of attention in a meeting with this type of hobby, and it's a good thing to create social bond.

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