10 reasons to use masking tape in interior decoration

Very small materials that can perform miracles.

This decorative item coming from Japan almost twenty years ago is today one of the must have for amateurs as well as professionals of interior decoration. But why is this tiny little piece of equipment so popular? What drives designers and decorators not to tire of it? The answer with our 10 reasons to use Masking Tape to restore your interior!

Masking tape
10 reasons to use masking tape in interior decoration

"Do it Yourself"

In 10 years of existence, the Masking Tape has become essential if you want to redo your interior decoration. The advantage with these adhesive tapes is that they stick and peel off easily. However, anyone can use it at their ease. So Do It Yourself friends! Bring out your artistic abilities! Moreover, you will quickly realize that it is rather simple to do, the fashion is Do it yourself for everything, even for difficult things like create a website for your business, but this time it's true, you can do it yourself!

Protects supports

Masking Tape is made from rice paper and the glue used is not harmful at all. This means that at any time you can remove your Masking Tape decoration if you have enough. But be aware that these adhesive tapes leave no trace. So no worries about the supports. They will remain intact.

Ideal for the undecided

These flagship interior design products are repositionable, Ladies and Gentlemen. So if you got it wrong on the position where you made a leveling error or if you can't decide which style to adopt, take a breath and start over. The Masking Tape is infinitely repositioned. So, de-stress, you have a lot of leeway. But don't overdo it either!


Yes, the decorative items created by KAMOI KAKOSHI are customizable. That is to say, you can write whatever you want: little messages, motivating sentences, the names of your children, etc.

It's waterproof

It was previously specified that the Masking Tape is made from paper, of course. But waterproof paper, please! We can then use it as we see fit, wherever we want, on any medium imaginable. Such as doors, windows, walls… and even outdoors. Especially since it is easy to clean, all it takes is a wipe of the sponge and presto! Crystal clear.

Special paper

The paper used to make the Masking Tape is called Washi paper, also known as rice paper. And who doesn't know that rice sticks? This allows these tapes to stick to almost any possible medium without ever leaving a trace. I'd love to try them on my wall to see, wouldn't you?

Can be cut without scissors

But where have the scissors gone? Can you pass me the scissors please? With the Masking Tape, forget the scissors, it tears easily by hand, quickly done well.

Pleasure at a low price

Nothing more interesting than having fun at a reduced price, right? So all you have to do is afford a seven-meter roll and start decorating your house. It costs barely 2,5 €.

For a larger space

If you want to increase your living space, use Masking Tape. But do your decoration differently, choose trompe-l'œil patterns instead. This makes it possible to have a mind-blowing visual effect. Come out of your shell and be the master of the illusion!

A hobby for the little ones

If you can't find what to do to occupy your children, buy them some Masking Tape. It is an ideal activity to take over the free hours of the little ones. They will thus develop their sense of creativity and bring out the artists in them. Give them the opportunity to show what they are capable of dear parents!

In short, no need to look far to decorate your house. Simple adhesive tapes will be enough to bring out the beauty and splendor of your home.

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