10 reasons to start a web school

Why start a web school? Here are 10 reasons to study digital!

Given the direction our world is taking with the advent and spread of new technologies, it is important to be trained in a key area. Many advantages would obviously flow from this. To register for a web school, it's a whole set of parameters to take into account, because this is a career choice. If you are looking to find out if web school is a good idea for you, here are 10 good reasons that may help you make your choice.

10 reasons to start a web school
10 reasons to start a web school

Competence acquisition

It is obvious that by choosing to do a web school, it is certainly because at the base, you have a certain skill. By enrolling in a web school, your talent, which if we can put it that way, was in its raw state will be totally polished. In addition to your basic knowledge, you will therefore have gained new knowledge and skills that will make you a quality workforce on the job market.

Access to employment

One of the main advantages sought by starting a school, whether it is on the web or not, is the possibility of leaving it and finding a job. The web industry is a booming industry these days. Almost all other sectors of activity nowadays need web tools to make themselves better known. The majority of online schools offer their learners the possibility of doing internships within companies. During his internships, his last ones show their skills and have a good chance of being renewed with a CDI. In addition, its schools now offer their students at a certain level the possibility of taking work-study courses. They are therefore taken by companies that need their skills and are paid as an employee.

Wide range of professions

The web sector is quite large. It includes new and evolving professions according to the activity sectors: project manager, advertising manager, communication manager / manager, community manager, press manager, event manager, web designer, webmarketer, traffic manager. These positions offer a wide range of skills that can be tailored for all types of businesses, from SMEs to large corporations. And of course, to do these jobs, you have to attend a web school.

Multidisciplinary training adapted to all profiles

Training on the web provides multidisciplinary teaching and adapts to the needs of companies. These lessons have the particularity of being versatile to form profiles of Swiss Army knives.

Digital omnipresence

All sectors of activity together claim digital and web. Digital technology has a strong employability, because to be competitive, companies must adapt and improve their expertise. Web professionals are now sought after by companies in all sectors. Thanks to their digital communication skills, they play a vital role in their company's marketing strategy. Training in a web school is therefore essential to access evolving professions.

Growing industry

Companies in the web sector are evolving in mirror with the expansion of digital. Jobs in this field offer countless possibilities, whether in creation, development or design. The actors of the web are heterogeneous in terms of activity, size or organization. Web schools open many doors in terms of careers.

Great careers

Businesses with a digital reach (almost all businesses) need web communication professionals more than ever. This role is important because it forms the link between all employees and external stakeholders (customers, service providers, partners, etc.). The web and communication professions are booming.

Contribution to national economic development

The share of the Internet in the French economy continues to grow. According to a McKinsey report titled "Impact of the Internet on the French Economy - How the Internet is Transforming Our Country", the French Internet industry (mainly e-commerce, online advertising, and related IT and telecommunications activities Internet) represented 3% of GDP and 1,15 million jobs in 2012. The contribution of the Internet industry to French GDP is already greater than that of transport, energy or agriculture.

Well-filled address book

Almost all schools on the web have a large network of partnerships, whether with companies, institutions or other schools. They organize and participate in regular meetings to give their students an overview of the reality of the professional world. At the same time, many representatives of companies come and it is a good opportunity to establish professional relations with them.

Excellent salary

According to the results of a survey carried out in 2016 among students graduating from a web school, they would receive an average gross annual salary of 36 euros in France. Those who took the plunge and went abroad have climbed to more than 000 euros in gross annual salary.

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